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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: September 9th 2008


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:: MLA Enters a New Era of Capability

JKTech and its MLA partner FEI Company will release the new MLA 600F at ICAM (International Congress for Applied Mineralogy) in Brisbane, Australia next week. The MLA 600F is a high speed automated mineralogy analyser used in the minerals industry to optimise the performance of mineral processing operations.

The MLA 600F reduces sample turnaround time from days to hours, allowing plant operators to increase metal recovery by responding faster and more frequently to changes in feed and waste stream mineralogy. Fast sample turnaround times also mean high analysis throughputs for automated mineralogy service providers and higher quality data and hence research outcomes for researchers.

The new system embodies contributions from innovation partners involved in technology, industry and research applications. Two industry leading technologies from JKTech and FEI Company have combined with the applications knowledge of Automated Mineralogy pioneer Anglo Platinum in South Africa, to produce the MLA 600F. These technologies are the MLA automated mineralogy software and the Field Emission SEM equipped with high speed energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS), respectively.

The MLA 600F is designed to strengthen the MLA’s position at the forefront of automated mineralogy technology in the global minerals industry. Mining companies, universities, other research and geological institutions, as well as metallurgical service providers in 13 countries currently implement MLA technology to bring value to their organisations.

JKMRC Director Professor Ben Adair, a long time Automated Mineralogy developer and user and plenary speaker at ICAM, made this comment on the impact of the MLA 600F: “The MLA 600F is an exciting development which will significantly enhance the capabilities of SEM based automated mineralogy. It represents, however, only a part of a revolution in automated mineralogical capabilities currently being developed through joint research initiatives between the JKMRC and JKTech. Radical innovations are in the process of being realised which will address long standing industrial needs in terms of analytical scale, predictive process texture and elemental resolution. These truly are exciting times in the automation of mineralogical and metallurgical characterisation. We can all look forward to the years ahead with the knowledge that existing and new innovations will continue to play a central role in realising technology driven solutions for the global minerals industry”.




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