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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: July 13th 2009


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:: Process Mineralogy Today Blog Launched

MinAssist has launched a new blog, "Process Mineralogy Today". The blog will give users of process mineralogy and the mineral processing community an insight into the use of process mineralogy, how it can benefit them and new directions being taken.

Process mineralogy has undergone resurgence in recent years with the emergence of automated mineralogy technologies such as QEMSCAN and MLA. More people are recognizing the benefits of understanding mineralogy and this blog seeks to further promote that development.

MinAssist promotes the use of mineralogy in mineral processing operations by giving value added solutions. We work with both providers of mineralogical analysis and users to ensure mineralogy is used to the greatest effect.

The Process Mineralogy Today blog follows the thoughts of Dr Will Goodall, Managing Director of MinAssist, on how process mineralogy can be used in our industry today to enhance recoveries and reduce risk. Dr Goodall has been involved in the development of QEMSCAN applications and has published a number of papers in the novel use of automated mineralogy in precious metals analysis. He has significant experience in the application of process mineralogy using automated systems and continuously works to further its development.

Through the blog the main areas for application of process mineralogy will be explored, along with some innovative concepts for expanding how mineralogy is used. This gives you the opportunity to follow the latest advances and participate in discussion about the exciting directions process mineralogy is taking.

The first series of posts on the blog will concentrate on the core areas for implementation of process mineralogy and how they are addressed. We encourage you to follow what we have to say and join the discussion. Participation by stakeholders in the industry will help make this a worthwhile resource that can promote the use of mineralogy and let us all achieve our goals.

Visit the blog at www.minassist.com.au/blog or if you would like to find out more about MinAssist and how we can help you get more out of mineralogy visit our home at www.minassist.com.au .




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