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MEI Online: Analytical Techniques & Applied Mineralogy: Latest News: December 17th 2009


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:: Ammtec Performs World’s First "on site" Automated Mineral Analysis

Ammtec, in conjunction with the Indonesian state R&D group , Lemigas , has commenced Automated Mineral Analysis (AMA) on a remote drilling site in S. Sumatra for Pearl Energy Indonesia . The on site analysis is being accomplished with a specially designed quantitative mineral analysis instrument , originally developed in Australia by CSIRO.

Analysis has commenced on cuttings from legacy wells, however the technologies true value will be demonstrated on upcoming wells, where it is planned to provide accurate “near real time” mineral analysis of drill cuttings. Team Manager Dr Chi Vinh Li is confident that a turnaround time of analysis of a single sample can be achieved within one hour , and batches of up to nine samples within 3 hours.

Ammtec managing director, Rod Smith, has been keen to see the project come to fruition, following the significant investment made by Ammtec in establishing a world class mineralogy laboratory which features several AMA instruments.

“Even though the first remote operations have been undertaken at a petroleum drilling site, the potential to undertake similar operations at mine sites has been demonstrated. I think that this has been a significant achievement for the company and we have plans to expand our capabilities in the coming years to provide AMA across the entire resource sector” - Rod Smith

Business Development Manager , Mike Dowen, was quick to point out that the Ammtec’s bold venture had benefited tremendously from Pearl Energy’s encouragement to demonstrate the technology and by assistance from the Indonesian project partner Lemigas , who had provided both technical and operational support.




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