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The first keynote lecture, "Limitations to the commercial application of biohydrometallurgy for the treatment of base metal ores and the rise of chloride heap leaching as a competitive technology" will be given by Dr Dave Dew of Dewality Consultants Ltd, UK.

David Dew has 30 years international experience in the development of biohydrometallurgical processes for application in the extraction of base and precious metals.

He joined Gencor Ltd., South Africa, in June 1983; in 1990, as Principal Research Metallurgist, he joined the project team responsible for development of the BIOX Process. He took a lead role in the improvement and design of the bioleach reactors, reducing power costs and establishing a methodology for pilot testing and commercial plant design. He was later appointed Manager Process Development at Billiton Plc responsible for leading research in this area. In 2001 Billiton merged with BHP to become BHP Billiton and David was appointed as Global Technology Manager at the Johannesburg Technology Centre, primarily responsible for technology development for the Base Metals Division.

David became an independent consultant in 2012 and formed his own company, Dewality Consultants Limited, which he operates from his home in Cornwall. In May 2018 David joined the College of Engineering , Mathematics and Physical sciences, University of Exeter, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working part-time for the Horizon 2020 NEMO project, funded by the European Union. The project re-establishes his links with the Camborne School of Mines, from where he graduated in 1979.

Dave Dew


The second keynote lecture, "Environmental applications of biotechnology in mining" will be given by Dr. Anna Kaksonen, of CSIRO Australia.

Anna Kaksonen has about 20 years’ experience in various aspects of biomining, from bio-oxidising and bioleaching low-grade ores to treating waste streams and recovering resources. During her Doctor of Technology degree, she developed fluidized bed reactor processes for biotechnical mine water treatment at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Finland. As a Senior Researcher at TUT, she also contributed to the development of heap bioleaching for complex low-grade black schist ores, bioprocesses for excess iron and sulfate removal from barren leach liquors and metal recovery from various metallurgical wastes. In 2009 Anna joined Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia as a Team Leader of Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology (EIB). In 2017 she was appointed as a leader of CSIRO’s Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Group which has three teams (EIB; Biocatalysis and Synthetic Biology; and Metabolomics and Proteomics) located in Perth, Canberra and Brisbane. She has delivered projects to many companies on base metal, precious metal and uranium bioleaching, as well as biotechnical removal of organic and inorganic impurities from hydrometallurgical process waters. She has also been active in urban mining, developing bioprocesses for the extraction of metals from electronic wastes.

Anna Kaksonen





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