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MEI Online: Biotechnology: Latest News: April 29th 2003


:: BioteQ Proceeds to Construction at Falconbridges Raglan Mine

Bioteq Environmental Technologies Inc. is pleased to report that the company has agreed to commercial terms for the construction and operation of a water treatment plant at the Raglan Mine in northern Quebec which is owned and operated by Societe Miniere Raglan du Quebec Ltee (SMRQ), a subsidiary of Falconbridge Limited. The treatment plant will incorporate BioteQs patented BioSulphide Process for the treatment of waste water at Raglan, containing dissolved nickel, to produce a nickel-rich concentrate that can be transported with the Raglan production concentrate for refining off site. The nickel-rich product from the BioteQ plant will also contain minor amounts of other heavy metals that will be removed from the waste water to allow discharge of the treated water to the environment. It is the objective that in the future the BioteQ treatment process will replace the existing lime treatment plant. The potential advantages of the BioteQ process application at Raglan include ongoing revenue from nickel recovered to partially off-set water treatment costs, improved treated water quality and elimination of treatment plant sludge that would require long term storage at site. The contract between BioteQ and SMRQ, provides for a treatment plant with a design capacity to treat at least 140 cubic meters of water per hour and BioteQ expects to treat approximately 530,000 cubic meters of water each year during the operating season between May and November.

BioteQ is a Canadian industrial process technology company that has developed the patented BioSulphide ProcessTM for water treatment and sulphide reagent production. BioteQs process plants allow the treatment of acid contaminated water with concurrent recovery of saleable metals from the water. Water from the process plants meets discharge water quality criteria. In addition, chemical grade sulphide reagent can be produced on demand from BioteQs process.

BioteQs plant at the Caribou Mine in New Brunswick is the first commercial plant in North America incorporating the BioSulphide technology. BioteQ is currently evaluating over 30 water treatment projects worldwide. Potential revenue streams from BioteQs water treatment technologies are plant sales, recovered metals and treatment fees, and are subject to variable commercial terms, project scope and commodity pricing.

The management of BioteQ has extensive experience in environmental aspects of the minerals and related industries, with internationally recognized expertise in many aspects of acid contaminated water management and plant operations.


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