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MEI Online: Biotechnology: Latest News: February 17th 2005


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:: Sherlock Bay Nickel Corporation Limited

Sherlock Bay Nickel Corporation Limited has advised in association with BioHeap Limited, (a subsidiary of Titan Resources) that it has commissioned a bacterial production facility which will ultimately provide the bacteria for the Sherlock Bay Nickel Project.

BioHeap has adapted the saline tolerant bacteria specifically for the Sherlock Bay Nickel Project. SBNC has entered into a licensing agreement with BioHeap Limited to enable the company to utilise their technology.

The BioHeap technology was developed and refined by BioHeap at their pilot plant, which was located at Mt Sholl near Radio Hill in North West Western Australia. The company conducted a 10,000 tonne trial that gave recoveries in excess of 90% Nickel, 65% Copper, and 88% Cobalt. The process to be under taken by SBNC at its Sherlock Bay Nickel Project will involve the introduction of the hybrid BioHeap saline tolerant bacteria into the heaped ore to help oxidise the sulphides, which in turn will allow the irrigation system to leach the metals from the heaps and into our process ponds.




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