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MEI Online: Biotechnology: Latest News: May 11th 2012


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:: BacTech Reports Positive Bioleach Test Results


BacTech Environmental Corporation has announced the results of its bioleach test work on concentrates from the Snow Lake arsenic/gold residue stockpile that is a refractory material containing high levels of arsenic (16%).

The Company is pleased to report that the patented BACOX bio-oxidation process oxidizes over 95% of the sulphides. This eliminates future acid mine drainage environmental problems associated with the stockpile, that are one of the key drivers of the project.

In addition, the bio-oxidation process renders 88.6% of gold contained in the sulphides available for extraction, compared to only 9.4% using conventional gold extraction without oxidation. A high weight loss of 45.7% was obtained during oxidation resulting in the gold grade almost doubling to 17.8 g/t from the original 9.80g/t, but still maintaining the same amount of gold in the plant feed. This mass reduction reduces considerably the size and cost of equipment required in final gold extraction processing. The reagent consumptions noted in the test work for gold extraction were also modest and comparable to those associated with current bio-oxidation plants used in the gold mining industry.

The bioleach work is an integral part of the ongoing Economic Study currently underway with Micon International. The study is expected to be completed in April. In addition, BacTech has hired Golder Associates Ltd. who is in the process of completing the Environmental Impact Statement required for an Environment Act License.

"These are very good numbers considering the difficult nature of the ore. Virtually eliminating the release of acid is very important from a reclamation point of view, as is the high recovery of the contained gold. Historically, we have found that we should be able to obtain higher recoveries in a commercial operation compared to the laboratory where optimization of parameters is easier on a continuous basis and the bacteria used in the process adapt over time to the type of feedstock ", said Ross Orr, President and CEO of BacTech. "This result clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of BacTech Technology for these types of environmental remediation".




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