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MEI Online: Comminution: Latest News: November 3rd 2011


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:: CEEC Medal 2012

CEEC announce the launch of the CEEC Medal, a key part of CEECís strategy to accelerate knowledge transfer, in the field of eco-efficient comminution. CEECís annual Medal will celebrate and recognise the contribution of outstanding research and field work on beneficial strategies for eco-efficient comminution, as stated in CEECís Mission and Objective.

The CEEC Medal will contribute to raising the status of beneficial eco-efficient comminution strategies by:

  • recognising and celebrating individuals or teams who make an outstanding contribution in the field of beneficial eco-efficient comminution strategies.
  • acknowledging individuals or teams who contributing to building the global knowledge of beneficial eco-efficient comminution practices by sharing examples of best practice and leadership in eco-efficient comminution and inspiring similar excellence in others.
  • identifying those who build greater awareness and understanding in the wider community of the benefits of knowledge transfer in the area of eco-efficient comminution and energy savings.

CEEC invites you to encourage your team to apply for this Medal. More details can be found on CEECís web site: www.ceecthefuture.org or by contacting CEECís Executive Officer: sarah.boucaut@ceecthefuture.org.

The CEEC Medal recipient will be recognised at an appropriate event in the winning author/s home country. CEEC Medal benefits include:

  • Use of CEEC Medal logo on letterhead, newsletters, web site, investor bulletins etc by the company whose scientist/team is the Medal winner.
  • Recognition of the Medal recipient and their employer in CEEC media releases, newsletters and on CEECís web site.
  • Publication of the Medal winning paper in specific industry media e.g. AusIMM Bulletin, MEI, International Mining, Investor community publication, sustainability journal.
  • Global recognition of the outstanding contributor/s of beneficial eco-efficient comminution strategies in that year.

Please share this announcement with your mineral management team. Applications close on March 15 of each year, and the 2012 CEEC Medal recipient will be announced in June 2012.




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