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MEI Online: Comminution: Latest News: December 7th 2017


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:: The Rapidly Evolving World of Comminution is Reflected in the Comminution '18 Programme


Comminution '18 is the 11th in MEI's series of comminution conferences, and how the field has changed over the years. Prof. Alban Lynch, the first Director of Australia's JKMRC, said in 2003: "Comminution must be the key mineral processing technology during the next 50 years," and so it is without doubt. Last month at Flotation '17 in Cape Town I emphasised the crucial importance of flotation, "the world's most important technology", but flotation could not function without efficient comminution, which has had to evolve rapidly with the need to grind ores finer, and to do so with the minimum expenditure of energy. Worldwide the mining industry consumes around 2% of all electrical energy, and comminution is the major consumer, so great efforts are now made to reduce energy consumption, as well as water consumption, which is also critical.

Over 90 papers have been accepted for presentation at Comminution '18, and the provisional timetable is now available.


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