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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



P. Yu, W. Xie, L.X. Liu, M.S. Powell, Analytical solution for the dynamic model of tumbling mills, Powder Technology, Vol. 337, 2018

J. Raisianzadeh, A.A. Mirghasemi, S. Mohammadi, 2D simulation of breakage of angular particles using combined DEM and XFEM, Powder Technology, Vol. 336, 2018

Z.G. Song, K.C. Corin, J.G. Wiese, C.T. O'Connor, Effect of different grinding media composition on the flotation of a PGM ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 124, 2018

P. Prziwara, L.D. Hamilton, S. Breitung-Faes, A. Kwade, Impact of grinding aids and process parameters on dry stirred media milling, Powder Technology, Vol. 335, 2018

S. Jiang, Y. Ye, Y. Tan, S. Liu, J. Liu, H. Zhang, D. Yang, Discrete element simulation of particle motion in ball mills based on similarity, Powder Technology, Vol. 335, 2018

S. Botha, J.D. le Roux, I.K. Craig, Hybrid non-linear model predictive control of a run-of-mine ore grinding mill circuit, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 123, 2018

J. Liu, H. Long, K.C. Corin, C.T. O'Connor, A study of the effect of grinding environment on the flotation of two copper sulphide ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

S. Wang, K. Guo, S. Qi, L. Lu, Effect of frictional grinding on ore characteristics and selectivity of magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

W. Xie, Y. He, L. Qu, X. Sun, X. Zhu, Effect of particle properties on the energy-size reduction of coal in the ball-and-race mill, Powder Technology, Vol. 333, 2018

M. Zolghadri, M. Noaparast, S.Z.S. Tonkaboni, A novel theory for energy considerations in breakage function, Powder Technology, Vol. 331, 2018

F. Flach, S. Breitung-Faes, A. Kwade, Model based process optimization of nanosuspension preparation via wet stirred media milling, Powder Technology, Vol. 331, 2018

E. Díaz, L. Voisin, W. Kracht, V. Montenegro, Using advanced mineral characterisation techniques to estimate grinding media consumption at laboratory scale, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

B.J. Wakefield, B.S. Lindner, J.T. McCoy, L. Auret, Monitoring of a simulated milling circuit: Fault diagnosis and economic impact, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 120, 2018

I. Rigopoulos, A. Delimitis, I. Ioannou, A.M. Efstathiou, T. Kyratsi, Effect of ball milling on the carbon sequestration efficiency of serpentinized peridotites, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 120, 2018

L.G. Leon, M. Bengtsson, M. Evertsson, Analysis of the concentration in rare metal ores during compression crushing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 120, 2018

S. Liu, Q. Li, J. Song, Study on the grinding kinetics of copper tailing powder, Powder Technology, Vol. 330, 2018

S.P.K. Kohobhange, C.H. Manoratne, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, R.M.G. Rajapakse, The effect of prolonged milling time on comminution of quartz, Powder Technology, Vol. 330, 2018

S.H. Drahman, A.B. Hong Kueh, A.R. Zainal Abidin, S. Nikmatin, Efficient cumulative breakage distribution and breakage rate computation with minimal experiment intervention incorporating optimal time determination for fine grinding simulation, Powder Technology, Vol. 329, 2018

L. Xu, K. Luo, Y. Zhao, Numerical prediction of wear in SAG mills based on DEM simulations, Powder Technology, Vol. 329, 2018

M. Menéndez, H.M. Sierra, M. Gent, F.J. de Cos Juez, The comminution energy-size reduction of the Bond Mill and its relation to Vickers Hardness, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 119, 2018

B. Koeninger, T. Hensler, S. Romeis, W. Peukert, K. Wirth, Dynamics of fine grinding in a fluidized bed opposed jet mil, Powder Technology, Vol. 327, 2018

S.S. Çolak, O. Altun, H. Benzer, Z. Gencer, H. Koçak, Development of a preliminary media wear measurement test procedure for cement ball milling applications, Powder Technology, Vol. 325, 2018

B. Luczak, R. Müller, M. Ulbricht, H.J. Schultz, Experimental analysis of the flow conditions in spiral jet mills via non-invasive optical methods, Powder Technology, Vol. 325, 2018

E.R. da Cunha, P.P.S. Cavalcanti, F. Saeidi, L.M. Tavares, On the limitation of using the JKRBT in investigating incremental breakage, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 118, 2018

P. Hartlieb, F. Kuchar, P. Moser, H. Kargl, U. Restner, Reaction of different rock types to low-power (3.2kW) microwave irradiation in a multimode cavity, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 118, 2018

P.W. Cleary, P. Owen, Development of models relating charge shape and power draw to SAG mill operating parameters and their use in devising mill operating strategies to account for liner wear, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 117, 2018

K. Tungpalan, E. Wightman, E. Manlapig, The role of vein-type mineralisation in mineral liberation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

G.R. Ballantyne, M. Hilden, F.P. van der Meer, Improved characterisation of ball milling energy requirements for HPGR products, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

E. Guasch, H. Anticoi, S.A. Hamid, J. Oliva, P. Alfonso, T. Escobet, L. Sanmiquel, M. Bascompta, New approach to ball mill modelling as a piston flow process, , Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

A. Rabieh, J.J. Eksteen, B. Albijanic, Galvanic interaction of grinding media with arsenopyrite and pyrite and its effect on gold cyanide leaching, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

M. Capece, R.N. Davé, E. Bilgili, A pseudo-coupled DEM–non-linear PBM approach for simulating the evolution of particle size during dry milling, Powder Technology, Vol. 323, 2018

F. Pedrayes, J.G. Norniella, M.G. Melero, J.M. Menéndez-Aguado, J.J. del Coz-Díaz, Frequency domain characterization of torque in tumbling ball mills using DEM modelling: Application to filling level monitoring, Powder Technology, Vol. 323, 2018

Y. Xu, The fractal evolution of particle fragmentation under different fracture energy, Powder Technology, Vol. 323, 2018

J. Smith, C. Sheridan, L. van Dyk, S. Naik, N. Plint, H.D.G. Turrer, Optimal ceramic filtration operating conditions for an iron-ore concentrate, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

A. Wikedzi, M.A. Arinanda, T. Leißner, U.A. Peuker, T. Mütze, Breakage and liberation characteristics of low grade sulphide gold ore blends, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

J. Yu, Y. He, Z. Ge, H. Li, W. Xie, S. Wang, A promising physical method for recovery of LiCoO2 and graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries: Grinding flotation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 190, 2017



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