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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Lithium: Latest News: March 9th 2017


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:: MGX Minerals Reports Advancement of Lithium Filtration Technology


MGX Minerals Inc. is pleased to announce lithium extraction process optimization results as reported by engineering partner Purlucid Treatment Solutions. Purlucid has successfully upgraded petro lithium brine taken from the Company’s 132,000 ha Sturgeon Lake Petro Lithium Project located at Fox Creek, Alberta.

Implementation of core MGX lithium recovery technology continues to advance and progress on brine cleanup has been achieved using a newly developed process that concentrates lithium by more than 20-fold while removing contaminants in a low energy process. The next phase of development will validate these initially promising results.

A bulk sample taken from operating water batteries at Sturgeon Lake was used in bench top laboratory testing. Research and development has resulted in an upgrading of brine from 67mg/L Li to 1600mg/L Li in the filtration and pre-treatment phase of the lithium extraction process. In the latest optimization results, magnesium, boron and potassium were effectively removed in a low energy process with substantive mass of magnesium recovered in a form that may be saleable. Laboratory work was carried out by Purlucid technical staff under the direction of Purlucid CEO, Dr. Preston McEachern.

Results as reported in the Phase 2 Lithium Extraction Technology Development Report: Summary of laboratory lithium extraction optimization trials, dated February 21, 2017. Proprietary information has been redacted:

”In the first attempt [using the Purlucid process], a clean lithium chloride brine containing 1600 mg/L [Li] was created free from magnesium, boron and potassium. In the second trial, run two weeks later on stored brine the results were duplicated with a clean lithium chloride brine again containing 1600 mg/L [Li]. In both cases a small amount of calcium carried through to the brine but this can be addressed in future optimization.”

Dr. McEachern further noted: “The biggest challenge in lithium recovery is creating a clean brine. Once other ions are removed it is much easier to recover lithium as a pure carbonate or chloride.”

For further information click here: www.mgxminerals.com




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