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MEI Online: Control & Instrumentation: Latest News: April 1st 2010


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:: ABB Unveils Conveyor Control Software

ABB Australia has developed the Mining Conveyor Control Program (MCCP) which is a software package designed for bulk materials handling and conveyor applications.

The mining software allows for the setting of conveyor functions and managing of the critical and high speed conveyor communication requirements on multi-motor conveyors.

The MCC program provides management of the start/stop controls, acceleration and deceleration, mechanical brake control, alarm processing, as well as the setting of speed limits and torque limits. The software can become the speed regulator or master control for an entire conveyor system. It has the ability to send torque reference signals to individual drives which then act as followers and transmit back to the master control. This is then used to determine speed regulation and the monitoring functions. The communication cycle time is less than five milliseconds.

Traditionally, every conveyor required these functions to be custom developed for each application in the over riding PLC program. With the use of the MCCP, these functions are no longer required in the PLC.

The mine software helps to reduce the effort for PLC programming, allows for conveyor parameters to be set without the need for specialised staff, and cabling is reduced to a single fibre optic connection between each drive.




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