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MEI Online: Control & Instrumentation: Latest News: October 2nd 2012


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:: New Control Loop Tuning Course for Mineral Processing Plants


MIPAC is now offering a two-day control loop tuning course for mineral processing plants.

The program is tailored to a broad audience, from graduate process engineers and metallurgists to instrument technicians and electricians.

"It covers tuning the most common control loops in mineral processing plants and appropriate tuning techniques are presented in a non-mathematical, hands-on way," MIPAC director Tony Mathison says. "Tuning exercises are supported by dynamic simulations making them as 'real world' as possible."

The course is run by MIPAC senior process control engineer Kevin Kropf and is conducted at clients’ plants with a maximum of six participants. “Participants will learn how to tune the most-common loop in mineral processing plants, how to diagnose common problems with control valves, and how to deal with process noise and dead time," Kevin says. “They will also learn how to test controller performance, when to use derivative control ('the deadly D'), and develop formal and trial-and-error loop tuning techniques."

Each participant has exclusive use of a simulation environment for lab exercises, and this will be provided on a USB stick.

Other topics may be introduced on request.

To arrange a course for your plant, please contact MIPAC business development manager Darren Hill.

Course features

  • Control loops selected to cover a wide range of process industries
  • Realistic, ‘hands on’ tuning exercises
  • Supported by proven process experience
  • Review of proportion, integral and derivative control principles
  • Course notes
  • Each participant receives a standalone simulation environment on USB stick.




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