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MEI Online: Control & Instrumentation: Latest News: November 14th 2013


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:: Norilsk Nickel Outfits Monchegorsk Research and Analysis with New Equipment


Kola MMC (MMC Norilsk Nickel affiliate) Control and Analysis Center has commissioned a compartment electric furnace unit used to produce sample of metal-bearing products for further analysis.

The unit can be used for crucible melting, a technique producing uniform samples of metal-bearing products, which are highly desirable to accurately identify precious metal content.

The new furnace unit is far ahead of the unit that is being replaced in terms of capacity and melting quality with a heating time twice as short despite the simultaneous processing capacity of 10 crucibles with samples. A digital microprocessor capable of maintaining temperature with a one degree precision regulates temperature in the compartment.

The probes produced by the furnace are analyzed, which provides Kola MMC with reliably valid information on metal-bearing products and marketable goods.

The Control and Analysis Center currently operates a wide variety of laboratory-grade measuring equipment used to sort and prepare samples made by the leading international and domestic manufacturers. Solid specifications of the equipment help efficiently provide scientific analytical support to metallurgy.




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