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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: February 2nd 2012


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:: Acquire the Tools to Capture Tailings Benefits

Take the opportunity to participate in the new AMIRA Project

P1087, “Integrated Tailings Management”

which will focus on paste and thickened tailings (P&TT) technologies and an integrated suite of measurement and modeling tools linking the thickener, to tailings transport and the tailings storage facility (TSF). Companies involved with operating, designing, supplying equipment or reagents to tailings operations will benefit, whether evaluating P&TT options for existing or planned operations, or considering changing from hydraulic disposal.

Technical expertise will be provided by CSIRO, ATC Williams, the University of Western Australia and Monash University.

Sponsor benefits will include:

  • improved ability to make reliable predictions about TSF performance under a range of conditions, such as the mineral system, throughput, climate, topography, etc over the life of the mine,
  • improved water recovery,
  • optimised TSF footprint,
  • a techo-economic model to investigate prospective scenarios.


The project budget is AUD$4.7 million over 3 years and sponsorships range from AUD$40,000 pa for a Supplier Sponsor, AUD$90,000 pa for an Operator Sponsor and AUD$140,000 pa for a Major Operator Sponsor.

Work is expected to commence in Quarter 2 2012.




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