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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: July 2nd 2013


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:: Breakthrough Process can cut Costs of Mine Site Remediation


EESTech Inc, a US OTC market company trading under the symbol EESH, is pleased to advise that EESTech has purchased a 50% equity position in Environmental Management Solutions Inc, a US company that has developed a breakthrough in mine site remediation equipment known as the Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM), a process that can transform mine waste, both coarse discard or saturated waste fines into a valuable resource.

Approximately 10% to 20% of all mining resources end up in waste discard dumps or settling ponds, the cumulative effect of this waste becomes a very expensive environmental liability for any mine operator. Government regulated management of mine waste and mine site closure costs are significant and can often determine the financial viability of a mine.

The WRAM is potentially a game changer for the mining industry, turning the liability of waste into a substantial asset and eliminating the cost of waste management and or mine site remediation by recovering the 10% to 20% of saleable mining resource that is normally lost.

When the WRAM is used in combination with EESTech's HCGT waste to energy platform and either the JetWater and or the Blue Drop Water treatment / purification systems a stand alone end-to-end mine site waste management and remediation service can be cost effectively established with substantial profit being generated through the sale of the recovered resource.

EESTech believes that the WRAM system will bring another dimension to the way in which EESTech is able to promote its products and services. The WRAM will open up the opportunity to promote a complete mine-site remediation service.

The HCGT will use waste to generate electrical energy that in turn can power the JetWater and Blue Drop Water treatment / purification systems for the processing of contaminated mine waters and to generate the power required to drive the WRAM for upgrading of the waste resource.

A single WRAM unit will use approximately 800 kilowatts to cost effectively produce, subject to specific gravity of material, 100 tons of upgraded material per hour. Therefore a 3 megawatts HCGT could power either three WRAM units with sufficient power left over to operate all ancillary project components on a 24 hour basis including lights, office, infrastructure, etc or two WRAM units and a complete water treatment / purification facility.

The combination of EESTech's products will extend the life of any mine, therefore delaying the very expensive process of mine-site closure, the WRAM will enhance market opportunities for EESTech and thereby significantly increase EESTech's earning potential.




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