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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: August 19th 2013


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:: Veris Gold Commissions New Tailings Facility at Jerritt Canyon


Veris Gold has been authorised by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to initiate the discharge of tailings into the brand new state-of-the-art tailings facility (TSF2) at the company's Jerritt Canyon Mine Operations located in Elko County, Nevada. The Jerritt Canyon Mill is operated by Veris Gold USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Veris Gold Corp. The new tailings facility is double-lined and also features recovery of any leakage collected from the synthetic double-liner system, called Drain LinerTM, which is manufactured by Agru America.

Drain Liners represent a major advance in geomembrane technology for secure containment systems for environmental protection. Applications can be single or double lined. Drain Liner, with its drainage capability, was developed to eliminate the need for a separate drainage geonet layer in tailings facility designs.

Drain Liner is manufactured to meet all necessary quality control standards required for high quality geomembrane lining systems. The studs are produced simultaneously with the liner material ensuring total homogeneity with the base liner material. As a result, they are an integral part of the liner itself with no potential for separation under load or in use.

Drain Liner has smooth edges to enable wedge welds to be made between adjacent sheets. A special cutting tool can be used to remove the studs as necessary for the cross seams prior to welding.

John Barta, Environmental Manager for the company, stated, "The environmental protection provided by TSF2 is the result of a major environmental investment by Veris Gold. The new tailings facility, along with the new proven air pollution controls for the roaster stacks, the ore dryer and the refinery altogether significantly improve the environmental performance of the Jerritt Canyon facilities."

Concurrent with the transition to the new TSF2, Veris will initiate closure of the old tailings facility (TSF1), a facility constructed more than 30 years ago with pollution controls consistent with the requirements at the time. The transition to TSF2 addresses concerns voiced by State and Federal environmental agencies regarding TSF1. Discharge of tailings slurry to TSF1 will cease by the end of 2013 so that reclamation, supported by the existing bonding held by the company, can commence in the following year.




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