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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: April 28th 2014


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:: EESTech Broadens Product and Service Offering to Capitalize on Mine Site Remediation and Waste Recovery Opportunities


Over the past twelve months EESTech has successfully completed three significant technology acquisitions that will position the Company as a leading provider of mine site remediation and waste resource reclamation services.

With the addition of new innovative technologies EESTech has achieved a milestone that will both present a new beginning and dramatically change the dynamics of how EESTech operates as a company. EESTech's ability to generate income will no longer be dependent on the sale of new technologies to a traditionally conservative industry.

EESTech's new approach to the market will generate ongoing revenue streams from onsite reforming of mine waste into valuable products. Project development will be underwritten by a guaranteed off-take agreement for all resources recovered from processed waste materials. EESTech's new business model is designed to provide resource owners and mine operators with a zero cost solution to waste management, including mine-site remediation and mine-site closure.

The positive impact of this capability on a mining company's reserve holdings, balance sheet performance and the ability to demonstrate enhanced environmentally responsible mining practices will set new benchmarks for the resource and mining industries. This will provide income security and broaden the scope of EESTech's earning potential.

The new technologies of EESTech include:

  • Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM), a proven waste reclamation system, which utilizes proprietary binding agents to reform mine waste into commercially useable and saleable products
  • Delta-E system that utilizes natural energy forces to reduce the cost of refining minerals and other compounds into a purified or concentrated form as an alternative or enhancement to smelting and refining
  • Exothermic Pyrotechnic Composition (EPC) is a proprietary energy enhancing aluminothermic infusion process, which increases the thermal energy output and combustion pressure of ignitable materials.

When each or all of the new technologies are combined with EESTech's existing technologies a closed circuit is capable of being achieved. A combination of mine waste combustibles can fuel the HCGT, a waste to energy power generation platform that will provide all project energy requirements, including mine operations, waste material processing, resource recovery and the treatment or purification of mine water waste streams.

The environmental outcomes from such operations will be deemed as environmentally sustainable, highly beneficial for any community and meet with acceptance from government agencies. A desirable zero cost win-win outcome will be achieved for all parties.

Each of the technologies can be operated as stand-alone system or integrated to provide an end to end mine site remediation and waste recovery solution. EESTech's ability to use mine waste to generate energy for mine site remediation, resource recovery and water purification will set new operating standards for the management of waste generated by the mining industry.

The deployment of EESTech products and services will transform mine waste, currently described as an environmental liability, into a valued asset while dramatically reducing the impact of mine waste on the natural environment.

The transformation and recovery of mine waste into a saleable resource allows stockpiles of waste to be recognized as a valuable resource of unprocessed inventory rather than an environmental liability. The value of this inventory will be established through the structuring of forward off-take agreements.

Resource owners and the mining industry are welcoming EESTech's introduction of these new market ready services. Agreements with a number of high profile mining and waste management companies have already been secured.

EESTech's project partner companies are presently undertaking an assessment with the support of EESTech to identify and select the most commercially suitable mines and waste stockpiles to where EESTech products and services will be best deployed. Priority is being given to project sites, which can readily accommodate an immediate deployment of EESTech's plant and equipment, with sizeable stockpiles of waste that can be processed to generate near term revenues and earnings.

The combination of these technologies will enable EESTech to approach clients on the basis that EESTech will cover all project establishment costs under the terms of a Build, Own, Operate and Management Agreement. These agreements will be on the basis that EESTech will, at its cost, deploy the total capability required to remediate mine-site waste on the condition that it holds the beneficial ownership of any recovered resource.

EESTech's business model incorporates a service agreement that will enable mining companies to extend the life of mine, while dramatically reducing both waste management costs and environmental liability exposures. Service agreements will provide a flexible approach to mining companies that will entitle EESTech to achieve a first year positive cash flow position generated through mine site remediation and the sale of products and services.

These arrangements will only be put into effect when EESTech has an off-take agreement in place for all of the recovered resource. Up to 20% of the annual production would be contracted as a forward purchasing agreement for the first two years. The first 12 months up-front payment will cover the cost of plant and equipment, plus project start up costs. When applied to the processing of coal these projects will still generate an early positive return on investment.

Because of the specific gravity and the abrasive nature of coal, it limits each process module to the production of approximately 120 tons per hour, on larger coal projects a multiple of modules could be used. Most other waste resources can be processed at a rate of between 250 and 350 tons per hour. However, even with the lower production of coal, EESTech will still be in a position to sell upgraded coal at a competitive price and return an early positive cash-flow position. The processing cost of most other waste materials will remain similar to that of coal, whereas product sales revenue streams would significantly increase.

EESTech has received a strong letter of interest from a leading resource and energy Trading House who seeks to engage with EESTech on a project by project basis, whereupon a determination of the production volumes, output specification and financial terms can be structured and agreed upon for each project site. This Trading House recognizes the market potential of EESTech' new capability and has immediate interest in acquiring the production of all resource products produced.

This organization is in a position to work with EESTech and its project partners to establish forward off-take agreements for specific projects as soon as they become available. An undertaking to assist in the forward scheduling, prioritizing, economic assessment of project opportunities and assistance in the structuring of financial support to advance project development.

A point of note is that when EPC is added to waste coal it becomes cleaner burning, this is due to the extremely high temperatures achieved when EPC is combusted, this high temperature reduces the majority of volatiles that would normally have been released to atmosphere. If coal treated with EPC was used in power plants it would enable them to meet emission standards, making coal fired power stations once again a preferred method for energy production.

When EPC is included at a small percentage by weight of any ore material being processed, the ore material would become self-furnacing, in other words, when the required furnace temperature had been achieved all energy inputs could be significantly reduced. The process would become self-furnacing and without the need for further energy input.

EESTech is anticipating the first mine site remediation project to be commissioned within the next twelve months and is optimistic a number of project announcements would soon follow. EESTech's new service model approach and the cost effectiveness of EESTech's waste recovery management services are compelling reasons why mine owners-operators are now calling on EESTech.




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