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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: February 8th 2016


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:: Dundee Sustainable Technologies Enters into an Arsenic Stabilization Piloting Agreement with an International Gold Mining Company


Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that it has entered into a retainer agreement with an international gold mining company to evaluate the feasibility of integrating DST's proprietary arsenic stabilization technology (the "DST Technology") to the sequestration of arsenical matter produced by the Company's operations. This technology is designed for the sequestration of arsenic in a stable glass form.

The objective of the Agreement is to establish a two-phase approach aimed, in a first phase, to confirm, at the pilot plant scale, that the DST Technology can be successfully implemented on material targeted by the Company for stabilization. Following which, a techno-economic study will be performed, at the pre-feasibility level, to evaluate the technical and economic implications of a full-scale DST arsenic vitrification plant located at the site of the Company's operation. The Company will pay a consultancy fee to DST for work carried out as per the Agreement.

DST's process uses lower cost chemicals to economically produce a more stable product than current industrial practices. This process to stabilize arsenic is becoming an attractive technique to segregate the arsenic and is therefore opening new opportunities for contaminated site remediation and for deposits or concentrates considered to contain too much arsenic to be exploited using conventional approaches. The produced glass is non-toxic and conforms to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) toxicity characterization leaching procedure (TCLP, Method 1311).

This Agreement is a major achievement in DST's efforts to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of the arsenic stabilization technology on an industrial scale. DST will continue to advance with strategic partners towards developing the feasibility criteria for the implementation, on a commercial scale, of the DST process.




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