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MEI Online: Environmental Issues: Latest News: November 4th 2016


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:: Multotec GV Cyclone The Answer For Tailings Dams


Tailings dams are sensitive to operating costs, and while these operations require quality process equipment there is a definite need for equipment with a low mass capable of functioning at the required capacity and that will be cost effective over the life span of the installation.

Designed specifically for tailings dam applications, the Multotec GV Cyclone is engineered to ensure sound operational performance while keeping the cost of individual components as low as possible.

Richard Haydon, process manager at Multotec Process Equipment, says it is important that this has been achieved without affecting the structural integrity or quality of the locally developed and manufactured cyclone. “When it comes to cyclone operation on a tailings dam it is critical to ensure that the right volumetric split between the overflow and underflow is achieved to match the required tailings dam rate of rise,” Haydon explains.

Available in different configurations to suit varying application and commodity requirements, Haydon says it is the ability to interchange the spigot and vortex finder on the Multotec GV Cyclone that enables a fit-for-purpose product installation.

Optimum flexibility is possible due to the different spigot sizes and vortex finder sizes that are available for the Multotec GV Cyclone. By altering the combination of the spigot and vortex finder it is possible to meet the specific operational parameters. Selection of the size of either component is dependent on the material characteristics, and the tailings dam requirements.

Each cyclone is designed for an individual application which ensures that the feed parameters are matched to the cyclone capacity and by doing so the lifespan of the cyclone is optimised. “Where an application is that specific, Multotec will collaborate with the customer to find a unique and appropriate solution, and this hybrid solution will take all factors into account,” Haydon says. This will include materials of construction specific to the application assuring the customer the best possible wear life.

An important factor that plays a role in tailings dam operation is the level of maintenance required on equipment. An advantage of the Multotec GV Cyclone is that it has been designed with this in mind, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to handle. With an inner diameter of 250 mm and weighing only 45 kg, the unit features a four start thread spigot holder making it exceptionally easy to remove and replace, even under harsh operating conditions.

Manufactured from composite materials, the Multotec GV Cyclone has a steel and glass fibre shell and polyurethane and rubber components. Installation options also vary from application to application, with cyclones that are individually placed directly on the wall to custom built skid mounted installations using one or more cyclones.




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