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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: July 6th 2009


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:: JKTech Launches Knowledge Transfer Initiative

On the 1st July 2009, JKTech announced the launch of SMI Knowledge Transfer, a unique professional development initiative, offering life-of-mine training courses and workshops to the global mining and minerals processing industry.

Replacing the previously named JKTech Training, this new SMI Knowledge Transfer initiative builds on the already strong brands of JKTech, ACMER (the Australian Centre for Minerals Extension and Research) and the individual SMI (Sustainable Minerals Institute) Centres at the University of Queensland.

ACMER was initially established by the Australian minerals industry in 1993 and in its 16 year history has continued delivery of quality, targeted courses and workshops to mining industry and government personnel on a broad range of topics, many of which were related to key sustainable development principles and implementation of sustainable development practices at the operational level.

Targeting the global minerals industry, SMI Knowledge Transfer offers an expanded range of professional development activities, training courses and workshops in a variety of locations, including onsite, within Australia and around the world.

The ACMER staff, including Manager Ron McLean, joined JKTech to continue to build on the already strong reputation for the delivery of practical knowledge transfer to the global minerals industry.

SMI Knowledge Transfer activities cover a broad range of operational and sustainable development topics, encompassing exploration, operation, closure, relinquishment and other aspects providing industry personnel with knowledge and skills for any part of the mine life-cycle.




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