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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: January 29th 2016


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:: 250th Anniversary of Freiberg Mining Academy


The year 2015 marked the 250th Anniversary of the Mining Academy in Freiberg Germany when on November 21, 1765 the decree of the foundation was signed. It was there that rich silver deposits were discovered and there that professors at the Academy Ferdinand Reich (1779-1882) and Theodor Richter (1824-1898) discovered indium and Clemens Winkler (1838-1904) discovered germanium. Professor Abraham Werner (1750-1817) established the scientific study of mineralogy and geology. Also in Freiberg, Wilhelm Lampadius (1772-1842) developed the principle of gas lighting for the European continent and Karl Friedrich Plattner (1800-1858) used chlorine to recover gold from its ores which was applied in Europe for over a hundred years before the discovery of cyanidation process in 1887.

The professors there created the major literature on geology, mining, and metallurgy. For example, Christlieb Gellert (1713–1795), Johann Toussaint von Charpentier (1738–1805), Friedrich Mohs (1773–1839), Friedrich Breithaupt (1791–1873), Carl Ledebur (1837–1906), and others. Many students from this Academy became famous later for their achievements, for example, Wilhelm von Trebra (1740–1819), Johann Schreiber (1746–1827), Fürchtgott von Nordenflycht (1748–1815), Elhuyar brothers José (1754–1796) and Fausto (1755–1833), Heinrich vom und zum Stein (1757–1831), Bonifácio d’Andrade e Silva (1763–1838), Friedrich Sonnenschmidt (1763–1824), Manuel del Río (1765–1849), Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859), and others.

In the ceremonies that took place a historic Prof. Abraham Werner greeted the participants and on this occasion a postage stamp was issued in Germany.

Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, Fathi.Habashi@arul.ulaval.ca




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