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TMS Annual Meeting 2014
San Diego, USA, February 16-20, 2014


The results are in, and it’s been confirmed that the 2014 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society enjoyed its highest attendance in 15 years. The event, held February 16-20 in San Diego, California, brought together 4,315 leaders in the minerals, metals, and materials fields from 64 different countries. The bulk of the attendees were from the United States, Canada, Germany, and South Korea.

A TMS record-setting total of 3,406 presentations were made during the 434 technical sessions. A total of 70 symposia covering a broad range of topics related to minerals, metals, and materials science and engineering were presented. The symposia were divided into 11 technical tracks: advanced materials; advances in mechanical behavior and characterization; advances in processing and fabrication; biomaterials and biological materials; computational modeling and simulation; extraction and processing; light metals; materials for energy and sustainability; nanomaterials; nuclear materials; and phase formations, transformations, and stability in advanced materials.

The exhibition portion of the Annual Meeting was also a big draw, and this year showcased 100 companies.

“With our greatest number of attendees in more than 15 years, a bump up in the size of our industrial exhibition, and an unprecedented number of sessions and presentations delivered, TMS2014 was a remarkable event from my perspective of having attended 29 consecutive TMS Annual Meetings," said James J. Robinson, TMS Executive Director. “Most impressive were the irrepressible good vibes that permeated the meeting. To a person, the feedback that I received was enthusiastic, positive, and encouraging. I expect to see all 4,315 people—and even more—when TMS meets again next March in Walt Disney World."

At the 2014 event, the aluminum industry keynote session had the highest attendance of any session, and explored the question of how the industry will support the work required to move on to the next innovation S curve, given the cost-cutting and “rationalization” following company mergers and take-overs over the past decades. Speakers from Alcoa, Hydro Aluminum Deutschland GmbH and Rio Tinto, among others, explored these topics from the perspectives of smelting and alumina production. They looked at the role of external research providers, innovation in the industry from a North American perspective, and innovation within the broader mining industry.

The focus was on strategies to achieve critical mass of R&D required for breakthroughs that can lift industry environmental and energy efficiency performance to maximize future growth potential. Discussion included possible funding models, the roles of international cooperation and government funding, and insight from a comparative metals industry.

Other special symposia topics included:

  • Celebrating the Megascale: An Extraction & Processing Division Symposium in Honor of David G.C. Robertson
  • World Views on Materials and Manufacturing Innovation: Regional Perspectives from Government Organizations
  • A Lifetime of Experience with Titanium Alloys: A Structural Materials Division Symposium in Honor of Jim Williams, Mike Loretto, and Rod Boyer
  • Dynamic Behavior of Materials VI: A Structural Materials Division Symposium in Honor of Professor Marc Meyers
  • Progress Towards Rational Materials Design in the Three Decades Since the Invention of the Embedded Atom Method: A Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division Symposium in Honor of Dr. Michael I. Baskes

Many of the presentations from these and other symposia were published in the conference proceedings, now available for purchase from John Wiley & Sons.

Symposia proposals are being accepted through March 31, 2014, for the TMS 2015 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, March 15–19 in Orlando, Florida, USA. They can be submitted at the TMS 2015 website.




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