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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Conference Reports: 5th UBC-McGill International Symposium


5th UBC-McGill International Symposium on "Fundamentals in Mineral Processing"
Hamilton, Canada, August 26, 2004

This symposium was held in conjunction with the annual conference of Metallurgists of CIM August 22-25, 2004, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The theme of this year was Particle Size Enlargement in Mineral Processing. It attracted 32 papers, which appear in the Symposium Proceedings (available from MetSoc, CIM ISBN: 1-894475-52-6).

It was truly international with speakers from 10 countries (from Australia to the Ukraine). Each session drew typically 20-30 attendees. While off to a slow start one short paper in the first session opened time for discussion which subsequently became very lively.

The topics covered a range of themes from fundamental surface chemistry studies of aggregation of particles to industrial applications, e.g., paste backfill. The papers were of generally high quality with most presenters well-prepared (and the power point only causing trouble towards the end). Most papers were given by senior researchers but there were a few by more junior people, a welcome variation in pace. While it is not the intent to comment on technical content there seemed a general agreement that the paper presented by Malysa on bubble interaction with liquid and solid surfaces justified the author’s claim that it was “fascinating”.

The attendance held up to the last with 17 people at the final paper.

Professor Laskawiki is to be congratulated on an excellent symposium, and his obvious energy in getting prominent speakers to contribute (I know this because one mentioned the fact at the start of his talk!). He opened and closed the symposium inviting all of us to prepare for the next symposium in 2007, which, incidentally will be in honour of Prof. Laskowski recognizing his many contributions, at all levels, to Mineral Processing.

Prof. Jim Finch, McGill University. Email: jim.finch@mcgill.ca



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