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Conference of Metallurgists
Hamilton, Canada, August 22-25, 2004

The Metallurgical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum held its annual meeting at the Convention Center in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is the steel industry center of Canada. The theme of the conference was “Materials: the Future of Manufacturing in a Sustainable Environment”. The conference was opened by a reception Sunday evening August 22. On August 21 and 22, a short course entitled “Solid/Liquid Separation” was offered which included thickening theory and practice and filtration theory and practices.

The technical program included the following symposia of interest to Minerals Engineering:

  • Fifth UBC - Mc Gill Biennial International Symposium on Fundamentals of Mineral Processing. Particle Size Enlargement in Mineral Processing.
  • Fifth International Symposium on Waste Processing and Recycling in the Mineral and Metallurgical Industries.
  • Fourth International Symposium on Advances in Refractories for the Metallurgical Industries.
  • Oxygen in Steelmaking: Milestones and Challenges.
  • Second International Symposium on Greenhouses Gases in the Metallurgical Industries: Policies, Abatement and Treatment.

In addition to the above-mentioned technical symposia, there was a two-day symposium entitled « Issues in Moving and Working Overseas in the Mining, Metals and Materials Business ». This symposium was of particular interest for those who travel on special missions abroad. Problems such as what to do with the family, taxes, expenses, etc., were discussed.

The conference was very well organized, about 500 delegates participated. Thanks are due to the number of volunteers and CIM employees Gillian Jazzar and her co-workers.

Next meeting will take place in Calgary, Alberta, August 21-24, 2005 and will include an International Symposium on the Treatment of Gold Ores organized by Guy Deschênes and David Koren. For details, see www.metsoc.org

Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. Email: fathi.habashi@gmn.ulaval.ca



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