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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Conference Reports: 42nd Conference on Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing


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42nd Conference on Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
Wisla, Poland, September 5-7, 2005

The 42nd conference on Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing was traditionally organized by a group of institutions including Polish Technical Universities, the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and for the fist time by the Scientific Network "Surfactants and Dispersed Systems in Theory and Practice" or SURUZ, financed by the European Union designed for its integration and strengthening.

It took place in Wisla (SE Poland) on September 5-7, 2005. The conference was dedicated to Dr. Janusz Lekki for his many contributions to research and for his 43 years of scientific activity from assistantship to his retirement in 2002.

The topics of the conference covered all aspects of mineral processing. Three papers deserve mentioning. The first one represents an interesting vision of Prof. (emeritus) A. Pomianowski and his co-worker Dr. J.Grodzka On the necessity of modifying the DLVO theory (in equilibrium systems). Basing on a large number of recent papers on water structure they pointed out that the theories involving water require the acceptance of its dynamic structure resulting from hydrogen bonds, variation of number of molecules in the structure and orientation, species present in water, leading to changes in such properties as hydration, HLB, hydrophobicity, solubility, etc.

The second paper on Time scale of the three phase contact formation by the bubble colliding with hydrophobic surface in n-pentanol and n-octanol solutions by Dr. K. Malysa and M. Krasowska deals with bubble-surface (particle) attachment occurring for instance in flotation. It is a latest paper from a series by Dr. K. Malysa and his co-workers. They showed that the attachment of a bubble to a hydrophobic surface requires several collisions due to necessity of appearance of a micro-bubble between the bubble and the surface.

The third paper Monitioring mineral surface phenomena by infrared reflection spectroscopy was presented by Jerzy Mielczarski and Ela Mielczarski, guest speakers from Laboratoire Environment et Mineralurgie (France), invited by the 'SURUZ' Scientific Network. They showed the beauty and usefulness of the method. "The complexity of the recorded reflection spectra, their sensitivity to any variation of the optical properties of all bulk and surface components and their spatial distribution are in fact the major strength of the technique."

There were about 75 participants from Poland and several from other countries. The papers presented at the conference were peer-reviewed and published in the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing journal (annual) and are available free of charge at www.ig.pwr.wroc.pl/minproc

Jan Drzymala (co-editor and participant of the conference)




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