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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Conference Reports: 43rd Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing


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43rd Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing symposium and 11th International Conference on Mineral Processing
Zakopane, Poland, September 18-20 2006

The joined event was organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Polish Academy of Sciences, and the SURUZ Network. It started with a nice ceremony honoring prof. Sztaba on the occasion of his 55 years of scientific activity. The topics of the conference covered all aspects of mineral processing. Very interesting was the introductory paper on Wettability versus hydrophilicity by J. Grodzka and A. Pomianowski. There were two valuable papers dealing with interactions of bubbles with solid surfaces ( M. Krasowska et al. (Poland) and R. Horn (Australia). The paper on Physicochemial analysis of silica coated with natural latex milk by Siwinska-Stefanska et al. showed that the surface of silica can be rendered hydrophobic by applying natural latex milk. Some other papers dealt with environmental issues (industrial wastes as blasting abrasives, metal ions from flotation wastes containing sulfides, biodegradation of hazardous wastes, and biodegradation of organic mater from black shale).

One of the papers presented atlas of selected curves used for depicting separation results in the form of plots of quality vs. quantity of products. Their number is infinite and those who invented and published any new and original separation curve are asked to contact the author of this report for the inclusion of their curves in the second part of the atlas in 2007.

There were 69 participants from Poland and a few delegates from other countries. The peer-reviewed papers of the conference writing in English were published in the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing journal (annual) (40, 2006) which is available at no charge at www.ig.pwr.wroc.pl/minproc while papers written in Polish were published in the Gornictwo i Geoinzynieria - kwartalnik AGH journal. The paper by Horn (Measurement of forces between an air bubble and a solid surface) will be published in the next (41/2007) issue of the PPMP journal. The next conference will be held September 17-20, 2007, somewhere in the Sudety Mountains in Poland.

Jan Drzymala, co-editor and participant of the conference, jan.drzymala@pwr.wroc.pl




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