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XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress
Delphi, Greece, Poland, June 10-14, 2007

Two hundreds nine participants from 23 countries of the 5 continents, with a strong and active interest in the related Congress topics, were gathered at Delphi during the XII BMPC. The participants originated from governments, industries, manufacturers, universities, research centers, organizations and other sectors related to Mineral Processing, Metallurgy and Environment.

Eighty-one oral presentations, out of which 3 plenary lectures, and 41 posters covered a wide spectrum of subjects in the field of Mineral Processing, Metallurgy, Environment etc.

The excellent plenary lectures were devoted to subjects of high interest, such as mechanical activation of minerals in grinding mills (E. Forssberg), conditioning in separation processes (J. Laskowski) and sustainability in Mineral Processing plants (K. Kawatra).

Many presentations of the Technical Program were referred to the results of advanced experimental work on: materials analysis and characterization, comminution and classification (e.g. effect of electromagnetic pulses on the minerals disintegration process, micronization of mica milling, cement grinding), physical separation methods on various minerals (e.g. application of impulse technologies, selective magnetic separation by means of temperature and frequency, numerical simulation of hydrocyclones in dense suspensions), flotation and other surface chemistry processes (e.g. new reagents and reagent schemes development, electrochemical study of wettability of platinum electrode related to mineral flotation, flotation of fines using emulsified oil extender techniques, study of reagents interaction by microcalorimetric measurements), dewatering and agglomeration, industrial minerals, coal preparation (e.g. evaluation of coal fines from tailings, application of a modified flotation cell for ultrasonic coal flotation, desulphurization by chemical treatment), simulation-control-modelling (e.g. on-line control of flotation using monitoring of liquid and solid phase composition, effectiveness of large flotation machines), plant and process design (e.g. energy optimization for grinding of cement raw materials), metallurgy (e.g. chemistry of cyanide in the presence of arsenic sulphide species, dissolution kinetics of oxides and sulphide minerals, metal recovery by leaching processes), waste processing and recycling (e.g. utilization of various waste, recovery of spent nickel-cadmium batteries, biological and chemical leaching of metals from electronic scrap, bioremediation of alkaline soils polluted from heavy metals, remediation techniques of contaminated areas from heavy metals and/or radioactive elements), sustainability in Mineral processing (e.g. the crisis of fresh water supply in the 21st century, sustainable development indicators) etc.

After peer review, 119 papers are included in the following title:
Book of Proceedings XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress 2007, Editor: G.N. Anastassakis, Publisher: National Technical University of Athens, p. 739.
ISBN: 978-960-89228-9-1

The Proceedings volume or CD is available from the Congress Secretariat. For further details, please, contact
Heliotopos Conferences
28 Ypsilantou str.
Phone: +30 210 9730697, Fax: +30 210 9767208
E-mail: bmpc2007@heliotopos.net; marl@heliotopos.net; conf@heliotopos.net
Website: heliotopos.conferences.gr

During the Gala Dinner, the participants enjoyed the traditional Greek food of the menu, accompanied with delicious wine, and danced Greek dances in a very happy atmosphere. Three of the historical founders of the Balkan Mineral Processing Congresses, that were present in the XII BMPC, were awarded during the closing ceremony in a simple and very emotional atmosphere for their contribution. The honoured persons are Prof. Dr. N.G. Davcheva-Ilcheva (Bulgaria), Prof. Dr. Z. Dogan (Turkey) and Prof. Emeritus Dr. D. Salatic (Serbia). Also, Prof. Dr. E. Forssberg (Sweden) and Prof. Dr. G. Onal (Turkey) were awarded for their contribution and service as Chairmen of the International Mineral Processing Congresses and Balkan Mineral Processing Congresses Scientific Committees, correspondingly.

During the BMPC International Scientific Committee meeting at Delphi, it was decided for the next BMPC to be hosted in Romania, in 2009.

The XII BMPC Congress Chairman
Dr. Georgios N. Anastassakis
Associate Professor
National Technical University of Athens




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