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Mineral Processing Conference
Szklarska Poreba (Lower Silesia), Poland, September 17-20, 2007

It was a joined meeting of two conferences - 44th Symposium on Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing and 12th International Mineral Processing Meeting. The Mineral Processing Conference was dedicated to fundamental research findings and technological developments in all aspects of mineral processing and coal preparation. There were 95 participants and a significant part of them represented members of two European Union projects - Bioshale and Suruz. The aim of the Bioshale project (Search for sustainable way of exploiting black shale ores using biotechnologies) has been to identify and developed innovative biotechnological process for efficient exploitation of metal–rich black shale ores occurring in Europe: Talvivaara (Finland) - new resources with considerable reserves under natural conditions, Lubin (Poland) - during mining, and Mansfeld (Germany) - after mining to reveal long-term environmental impact of the mining industry. The black shale is a specific raw material and contains base (copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt) as well as precious (Ag, Au, PGM) metals and carbonaceous matter.

The Suruz group was a scientific network working on surfactants and dispersed systems in theory and practice and its goal was integration and strengthening the European research area. Their papers as well as paper by other participants of the conference were devoted to different aspects of mineral processing. Such issues as natural hydrophobicity of fluorite, hydrophobic interactions, graphite expansion, flotation kinetics, coal wetting, sulfide and oxides minerals properties, extraction of metal ions with organic solvent, electrical double layer, and environment problems were presented and discussed.

The peer-reviewed presentations, written in English, were published as papers in the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing journal, vol. 41, 2007 (38 papers) and are now available, free of charge, at www.ig.pwr.wroc.pl/ minproc while papers in Polish (13) were published in Kwartalnik AGH Górnictwo i Geoinzynieria, vol.31, issue 4, 2007.

The conference was attended by delegates from Poland (mostly), Egypt, France, Germany, Finland, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia.

The goal, activities and accomplishments of the Bioshale project was presented by Parick d’Hugues et al. in the paper Presentation of the FP6 European project Bioshale- exploitation of black shale ores using biotechnologies - Polish case studies. Other papers discussed in detail different aspects of the project (T. Grobelski, J. Farbiszewska-Kiczma, T. Farbiszewska, Bioleaching of Polish black shale, Z. Konopacka A. Luszczkiewicz T. Chmielewski, Effect of non-oxidative leaching on flotation efficiency of Lubin concentrator middling, J. Langwaldt, R. Kalapudas, Bio-beneficiation of multimetal black shale ore by flotation, I. Galfi, J.Aromaa, O. Forsén, Laboratory tool for electrochemical study of sulphide minerals, J. Aromaa, P. Pesonen, Leaching mechanisms and kinetics of complex low-grade sulfidic copper ores , T. Chmielewski, Non-oxidative leaching of black shale copper ore from Lubin mine, Chmielewski, Atmospheric leaching of shale by-product from Lubin concentrator, J.Wodka, T. Chmielewski, B. Ziolkowski, Pressure leaching of shale ore in oxygenated sulphuric acid, K. Rotuska, T. Chmielewski, Solvent extraction of valuable metals from pregnant leach solutions of cupriferous shale, Z. Sadowski, A. Szubert, Comparison of kinetics of black shale bioleaching process using stationary and agitated systems.

A part of the conference was a trip to nearby Kowary, to see a former uranium underground mine, presently a museum and tourist attraction.

The next Mineral Processing Conference will be held in September 2008 in Wisla (Beskidy Moutins) in Poland. All interested in mineral processing and related scientific and technological areas are cordially welcome.

Contact: zygmunt.sadowski@pwr.wroc.pl, jan.drzymala@pwr.wroc.pl , andrzej.luszczkiewicz@pwr.wroc.pl

Jan Drzymala. Email: jan.drzymala@pwr.wroc.pl




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