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Siberia Metallurgy Conference
Krasnoyarsk, Russia, September 7-9, 2011

While the Ural Mountains divide Russia into the European and the Asian Territories the Yenisi River divides the country into Eastern and Western Russia. Krasnoyarsk on the banks of Yenisi is the geographical center of Russia. The International Congress of Nonferrous Metals is now the most important Metallurgical Conference in Russia. It is held in Krasnoyarsk and it unites:

  • The International Conference of all Siberia
  • Conference of Metallurgy of Nonferrous and Rare Metals
  • Symposium of Gold of Siberia

It is an annual event that started in 2009. Before that date each conference was held separately. Thanks to the effort of Professor Gennady L. Pashkov of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and his co-workers who were able to bring together around 600 specialists at every conference to discuss and review the problems of metallurgy. The Congress was supported by the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Region as well as by Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research.

Krasnoyask is a modern and prosperous city of one million people. It was founded in 1628 during the reign of Tsar Mikhael Romanov as a military fort to defend the Russian settlement from the Kirgiz people. The fortress was named "krasny", which means "red" in Russian. When the Trans-Siberian railway was built, it gave the new impulse to the city development.

The conference started at the River Port to take luxury ship named after the Russian hero Valeri Chkalov for an evening cruise on Yenisi River where dinner was served. The sessions took place at Hotel Siberia. There was a sight seeing tour of the city, a visit to nearby Rusal Aluminum Smelter, and a closing ceremony with dancing groups. Everything was very well organized.

The Proceedings is edited by Gennady L. Pashkov and Peter V. Polyakov. 460 pp., 20.5x 29 cm. Published by the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Krasnoyarsk. ISBN 978.5.85981.344.5. The book is divided into 9 parts:

  • Mineral and raw material sources (8 papers)
  • Alumina production (14 papers)
  • Aluminum reduction technology (11 papers)
  • Nonferrous and rare metals production (19 papers)
  • Precious metals production (9 papers)
  • Casting (11 papers)
  • Secondary processing (7 papers)
  • Energy efficiency in metallurgy and mining (6 papers)
  • Scientific and technical achievements (3 papers)

The volume also contains a eulogy to Professor Yurz A. Lainer, Head of Laboratory of Metallurgy and Material Science at Institute A. A. Baikov on the occasion of his 70th birthday and an obituary for Professor Vitaly Semenovitch Biront (1937-2011), Head of the Department of Metallurgical Science and Thermal Treatment of Metals at the Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Materials Technology of the Siberian Federal University.

The volume is very well produced and covers a wide area of metallurgy. It was available at the conference together with a CD. It is a huge effort to have all the papers translated into English. In spite of the large number of highly qualified interpreters that were available for the conference, there is still a language barrier. Many papers translated in English are not clear and unfamiliar expressions to the English-speaking community are used. Also abbreviations are used which are not known to the outside world. References cited are mainly Russian papers; naturally the same thing takes place in Western conference proceedings. An authors’ index would have been highly desirable. Also, including e-mail addresses of authors could help establishing contact. In spite of these short comings the editors have done a great job. Congratulations to all those who participated in this effort.

The Exhibition

More than 150 companies from 22 countries participated in the Congress and Exhibition, including the largest domestic and international mining and metallurgy enterprises, as well as leading Russian universities, research and academic institutes.

Closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony awards were given to distinguished authors and others who contributed to the success of the conference. Drinks and food were in abundance. Many troops entertained the participants that made a memorable event.

The next Fourth International Congress and Exhibition Non-Ferrous Metals 2012, will be held in Krasnoyarsk on September 12-14, 2012.

Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, Fathi.Habashi@arul.ulaval.ca




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