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Polish Mineral Engineering Conference 2011
Wisla (Beskidy Mountains), Poland, September 19-21, 2011

The organizers of two annual Polish conferences: 48th Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing Symposium and 16th International Mineral Processing Meeting decided to combine them into one event under the name of Polish Mineral Engineering Conference 2011. The conference was held September 19-21, 2011 in Wisla, a pleasant small town and ski resort in the Beskidy Mountains (S. Poland). There were 95 Polish participants of the conference and 3 participants from other countries (Egypt, Turkey and Canada).

The conference started with a plenary lecture delivered by J.S. Laskowski, retired Professor of University of British Columbia, the world-wide known great scientist and expert of mineral processing and coal preparation on From Amine Molecules Adsorption to Amine Precipitate Transport by Bubbles: a Potash Ore Flotation Mechanism. He showed a new approach to understanding the role of amine in flotation. Soon after, during a special supper, filled with discussions, music and good food, we celebrated 75th birthday of Professor Laskowski, 70th birthday of Professor W. Blaschke and 80th birthday of Professor K. St. Sztaba.

Next day, there were oral presentations organized in three parallel sessions. One session was deliberating in Polish, one in English and one, depending on the participants wish, either in Polish or English. The peer-reviewed presentations were devoted to all aspects of mineral processing and coal preparation. There were many interesting and important presentations. It is to worthwhile to note a group of works dealing with carbon dioxide (M.A.Lutynski, E.Battistutta, H. Bruining, K.A.A. Wolf, Discrepancies in the assessment of CO2 storage capacity and methane recovery from coal with selected equations of state. Part I and Part II, A. Cybula, M. Klein, A. Zielinska-Jurek, M. Janczarek, A. Zaleska, Carbon dioxide photoconversion. The effect of titanium dioxide immobilization conditions and photocatalyst type and M. Kotyczka-Moranska, G. Tomaszewicz, G. Labojko, Comparison of different methods for enhancing CO2 capture by CaO based sorbents - a review). This is an important topic in the light of necessity of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released annually to the environment.

About half of presentations written in English were published in the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing (ISSN 1643-1049, previously 0137-1282) journal, vol. 47 (June 1, 2011) and are now available, free of charge, at www.minproc.pwr.wroc.pl/journal while the remaining papers written in English will be published in the 48(1) issue of the same Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing journal (January 1, 2012). Papers written in Polish and one paper in English were published in the Gornictwo i Geologia quarterly (ISSN 1896-3145) vol. 6(2), 2011. It should be added that both issues of the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing journal contain papers written by authors not attending the conference (submission is welcome all year round). In such a case there is a printing fee of 100 EURO for publishing the paper.

The next Mineral Engineering Conference will be held around 15th of September, 2012 either in Krakow or the Tatry Mountains in Poland. We invite all interested in mineral processing and related scientific and technological issues to participate in the conference. The chief organizer of the POLISH MINERAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE 2012 is AGH University of Science and Technology (tadeusz.tumidajski@agh.edu.pl). You may also contact co-organizers: Wroclaw University of Technology (jan.drzymala@pwr.wroc.pl , andrzej.luszczkiewicz@pwr.wroc.pl) and Silesian University of Technology (zdzislaw.piszczynski@polsl.pl). See you next year in Poland.

Jan Drzymala - Wroclaw, Poland, October 1, 2011




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