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Mineral Engineering Conference: MEC2012
Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland, September 10-12, 2012


Mineral Engineering Conference MEC2012, consisting of 49th Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing and 19th International Conference of Mineral Processing was held September 10-12, 2012 in Bialka Tatrzanska (Tatry Mountains) in Poland.

There were 64 participants from Poland, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, South Africa, Finland and Norway and several accompanying persons. There were 50 presentations delivered during the two parallel sessions (Mineral Engineering and Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing) and two lectures during the Plenary Session.

Delegates at MEC2012

The presentation, along with other papers, were published in two issues (48 (2), 2012 and vol. 49(1), 2013) of the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing semiannual journal (ISSN 1643-1049) and in the 36(4), 2012 issue of the AGH Journal of Mining and Geoengineering quarterly (ISSN 2299-257X). The family-like style conference was very interesting provoking stimulating discussions after the presentations, during coffee breaks and other occasions. The conference presentations covered numerous aspects of mineral processing. However, papers on hydrometallurgy and biological removal of impurities from mineral processing products and streams were well visible. There were also some papers on application of statistics in mineral processing. The trend of using statistics in mineral processing for addressing numerous industrial issues becomes more and more visible during conferences and in the papers printed in mineral processing journals. This field, which does not have well established name (geostatistics?, minerallurgostatistics?, minerallurgometry?), deserves more attention since is capable to provide useful information for the mineral industry. One more trend, which can be noticed, is an increasing presence of papers and scientists from Turkish as well as Iranian Universities and research institutions in journals and conferences, including MEC2012.

Delegates at MEC2012 Delegates at MEC2012

The papers presented at the conference, along with other papers, are available for free at

http://www.minproc.pwr.wroc.pl/journal/papers.html (Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing.

The next MEC2013 conference will be a special one because the Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing part of the event will celebrate 50th meeting. The first conference was organized in 1968 by Prof. Janusz Laskowski and initially there were two meetings each year. There will be a special one-day long field trip to visit the underground copper mine and concentrating plant at KGHM Polska Miedz SA.

Dr Wills and his company (www.min-eng.com/confs.html) will be our Media Partner. We expect to have many foreign participants of the conference. Details regarding the MEC2013 conference can be found at www.minproc.pwr.wroc.pl/mec2013/

Jan Drzymala
Tomasz Chmielewski
Andrzej Luszczkiewicz
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland




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