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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship  [March 28, 2018]

Location: UCT, Cape Town, South Africa

Granular Flow Modelling in Comminution Devices and Process Flow Modelling of Diamond Extraction Centre for Minerals Research (CMR), Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town

The CMR invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within the Comminution group. The project involves two concurrent research areas. The first part is developing granular flow models to quantify granular flow in various mills used in comminution. The model to be developed will be a rheological description that captures all the features of granular flow inside the different geometries of various mills and scrubbers. Existing empirical models of such comminution devices tend to be extremely dependent on boundary conditions and do not allow for confident extrapolation beyond their window of design. To go beyond the current state-of the-art in modelling, the CMR applied physics group is developing a fundamentals based model that can model the mechanisms of operations and mill itself. The main role of the Postdoctoral Research Fellow in this area will be to develop a mesoscale continuum granular model for granular flow in various geometries, with a focus on horizontally stirred mills and scrubbers. The models will be tested computationally using Discrete Element Method simulations.

The model developed will be used to determine the greatest region of breakage occurring in the process of extracting diamonds from their surrounding minerals, specifically focusing on scrubbers. This work requires the tracking of simulants placed within the process flow, along with computational modelling of the identified high breakage regions, using the granular flow model and DEM Simulations as a starting point.

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