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Technology Transfer and Commercialization Expert  [September 28, 2017]

Location: Russia

Vi Holding - an international investment and industrial group of companies with Russian capital, employing an experienced multinational team of managers and specialists in mining, minerals processing and extractive metallurgy - opens a position - Technology Transfer and Commercialization Expert

Key duties

Organize the review of technological solutions for transfer

  • Identify innovative features of the technology and technological competence;
  • Organize diagnostics and expert appraisal of the technology commercialization (from engineering, investment, and manufacturing standpoints) and prepare a report on the outlooks of the technology commercialization;
  • Prepare recommendations on further organizational measures towards practical implementation of the commercialization project;
  • Review technology commercialization measures already taken;
  • Assess and, provide an opinion on, compliance of methods and procedures used with best international practice;
  • Align engineering solutions and documents with international standards and provide a relevant opinion.

Evaluate the technology’s potential for transnational / interregional transfer

  • Identify the technology advantages for potential customers drawing on international and Russian methodological experience in technology transfer;
  • Assess the impact of the external marketing environment;
  • Position and identify potential target markets for the technology that would make the Project more competitive;
  • Evaluate the market opportunities and the technology’s readiness for transfer;
  • Prepare recommendations on promoting the technology.

Organize the technology’s protection

  • Assess the status of intellectual property rights to the technology and evaluate international opportunities for the technology’s commercialization;
  • Ensure the possibility for the protected transnational use of the technology and assess the need for certification in target countries;
  • Organize the protection of intellectual property rights to the technology;
  • Organize the protection of the technology and technology-based processes;
  • Develop and implement transnational patent protection, etc.

Develop a market launch strategy for the technology

  • Define and substantiate the strategy (goals, objectives, deliverables) and steps (instruments) to be taken to find partners;
  • Develop a global technology commercialization (transfer) model;
  • Develop a technology transfer roadmap;
  • Develop an efficient marketing practice drawing on the technology transfer experience of innovation relay centers;
  • Draft the project summary;
  • Develop a business plan for the technology commercialization;
  • Identify the means for the technology transfer: technological partnership (international).

Prepare technology promotion materials

  • Prepare information for companies interested in the technology and for their introduction to the technology;
  • Prepare a Technology Request (TR) and a Technology Profile (TP) in line with international standards to ensure technology information exchange among external consumers of such information;
  • Enter the Technology Request (TR) and Technology Profiles (TPs) into the information system (as necessary);
  • Follow up on the quality of engineering and presentation materials.

Searching for technology cooperation partners

  • Develop relations with upstream and downstream companies, metallurgical feedstock suppliers, engineering centers, research organizations, etc.
  • Identify potential customers through company visits, events (workshops), newsletters, articles in media (e.g. magazines), etc.;
  • Assess whether the partner’s interests match its capabilities;
  • Arrange for initial negotiations through personal contacts, technology fairs, broker events, and special theme-based business meetings between companies and technology owners;
  • Identify leads who express their interest for technology cooperation;
  • Organize interaction with international technology commercialization centers.
  • Sign a Letter of Intent;

Support transactions and technology commercialization

  • Draft the terms of reference, timetable, and cost estimate for the project;
  • Draft agreements;
  • Draft financing documents;
  • Support the transaction;
  • Carefully monitor the project’s implementation;
  • Follow up the completion of the timetable and cost estimate milestones;
  • Ensure the use of technologies;

Requirements to education (profile and level):

  • Higher engineering or industry-related education. Preferably a post graduate degree (diploma) in innovative management.

Requirements to experience and skills:

  • Experience in engineering, innovative, or business activities in the research market;
  • Preferably experience in new technology development and marketing of R&D products and technologies;
  • Expertise and experience in applying Technology Audit (TA) methods;
  • Expertise and experience in engineering marketing;
  • Experience in technology transfer and commercialization.

We are ready to discuss decent compensation with a successful candidate.

Please forward you CV to samkova@viholding.com




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