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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: Africa: November 26th 2004


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:: Haber Announces Acquisition of Land in Ghana for Commercial Gold Processing Operations

Haber, Inc., a New Jersey-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of gold-bearing ores known as the Haber Gold Process (HGP), announced today that the company's Ghanaian subsidiary has acquired a 75-year lease on a 25-acre parcel of commercial land in Wasa Akropong, located in the western region of Ghana.

In announcing this transaction, Haber's President and COO, Albert B. Conti said, "Haber's land acquisition demonstrates our commitment to doing business in Ghana and we are pleased that this important transaction has finally been consummated. The site will be the location of our first HGP commercial gold processing center in Ghana and is strategically located to service our licensee, Gold City Inc., and local artisanal miners."

Haber's HGP process can extract gold in an environmentally safe way while offering an effective alternative to the use of highly toxic mercury in small-scale mining operations. Ghana has thousands of artisanal miners who use mercury to extract gold from alluvial and oxide gold deposits. Mercury not only harms the health of the miners but also presents Ghana with long-term environmental consequences.

In an effort to attack these serious health and environmental concerns, Haber and Gold City Inc. have recently proposed an innovative program to curtail the use of mercury and help improve the standard of living for local miners. The Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program would use the company's environmentally safe gold processing technology in a manner which is designed to curtail mercury usage by artisanal miners while providing significant financial returns to Haber, Gold City, the miners and their families, the local economy and the government of Ghana. Also STAMP's functional design can be replicated in other countries experiencing similar problems. Haber is currently seeking public and private funding to begin the multi-phase program.

Conti also reported that sample Ghanaian alluvial ore concentrates continue to be successfully evaluated at the company's analytical and pilot facilities at Fort Pierce, Florida. Initial testing has demonstrated high extraction efficiencies and speed using the company's HGP process. These ores are of the same general type that Haber will be processing for its licensee, Gold City, in Ghana, and for the proposed STAMP program, should the project be approved and funding obtained. Conti cautioned that there was no guarantee of ultimate funding or implementation of the STAMP program.




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