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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: North America: September 5th 2019


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:: TOMRA’s Ore Sorting Technology Delivers Impressive Improvement at Stornoway Diamonds Renard Mine


Stornoway Diamonds is a leading Canadian diamond exploration and producing company. It owns and operates the Renard Mine, in commercial production operation since 2017. It is the first diamond mine in Québec and one of six in Canada. Renard Mine started with an open-pit mine and subsequently opened an underground mine.

The conditions of the mine presented Stornoway Diamonds with particular challenges that required an innovative approach: “Due to the geology of our ore, meaning we produce very high yield, we have lots of material that we need to sort through. At times, we have the possibility of losing some of those very expensive diamonds due to inefficiencies,” explains Marie-Claude Hallé, Marketing Operations Manager for Stornoway Diamonds. In addition, “our ore body at the Renard mine contains a high level of internal and external dilution called country rock, a significant issue for us, as it can make up to 30 to 40% of the feed to the plant. With that comes very, very high energy cost from crushing all this waste material that is not diamond bearing. It causes a tremendous amount of wear and tear on our equipment from screening conveyors, diamond recovery equipment, and on a dollar-per-tonne basis we spend a lot of money processing non-diamond bearing material.”

Stornoway Diamonds needed to find a way to reduce its costs and optimise its operation, and they are fully satisfied with the solution provided by TOMRA: “You have to really envision that TOMRA has actually changed the game in terms rough diamond recovered around the world, and allowed producers to access large exceptional quality goods that perhaps in the past would be crushed to pieces,” states Marie-Claude Hallé.




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