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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: North America: September 27th 2005


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:: BioteQ Announces 20% Increase in Production Achieved at Raglan Operation

BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. is pleased to report that its plant located at the Falconbridge Limited's Raglan Mine in northern Quebec (see also previous news story) has successfully increased production by 20% to reach a treatment capacity of approximately 550,000 cubic meters per year. The plant now has the capacity to treat between 140 and 150 cubic meters of water per hour compared with the previous production level of 120 to 125 cubic meters per hour.

The increase in production is the result of modifications the company has made to the water feed system to the plant, which is the first stage of planned changes to the plant this year. During the ramp up in production the treated water quality has remained below 0.1 parts per million nickel content, compared to the target treatment objective of 0.5 parts per million. BioteQ operating personnel and the unit cost for consumables have remained constant during the production increase. BioteQ is paid monthly treatment fees based on the quantity of water treated.

BioteQ is currently working on further production increases at the Raglan plant through planned plant modifications.

The Raglan water treatment plant is a unique nickel treatment process to selectively recover nickel from low grade wastewater. The treated water quality produced in the BioteQ plant can be released directly into a pristine environment, such as the Canadian Arctic, and does not produce any by-product sludge for long term storage. Patent application is in progress for the BioteQ process that was developed between 2001 and 2003 for the Raglan site, and can be applied to other nickel-bearing waste streams.




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