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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: South & Central America: June 5th 2013


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:: MoU Signed for Processing Gold Ore from Nambija, Ecuador


Canuc Resources Corporation is pleased to report that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with Mr. Freddy Navaerez, the representative from Pimicape S.A. and PlanBeoro S.A., in regards to the mining of material from the Company's Nambija gold property in Ecuador. Material is expected to be processed at the newly refurbished Campanillas Mill (pictured) which is located approximately 2 kilometers west of Nambija.

In 2012 Pimicape S.A. invested approximately $1.5 million USD into refurbishing the Campanillas Mill (originally constructed in the 1980's) and is rated at 150 tons per day. The mill was restarted in March of 2013 and is currently processing material from the Campanillas property. Coincident with the start-up, Mr. Narvaez signed a MoU with Canuc in regards to the acquisition of mill feed from Nambija. Once an agreement is in place, arrangements will be made to source ore from Nambija.

The Ministry of Mines in Ecuador has also been actively conducting safety inspections at the Nambija project and closing areas deemed too dangerous to work. This is part of a new mandate established by the Federal government in order for local authorities in Zamora to revive operations at Nambija in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Mineral processing of Nambija ores is expected to be undertaken at the Campanillas Mill.

"Last year Canuc had revenues of $186,738 CDN from the Company's gas and oil wells in Texas. This is expected to materially increase in the current year as further wells are drilled in proven gas and oil reservoirs within the Thompson and Walker Butler fields respectively. We anticipate this developing cash flow will now be complemented by payments received from the processing of material from the Company's Nambija property in Ecuador. We are pleased to be developing Canuc's sources of revenue in Texas and Ecuador respectively and expect to continue with this focus in the year ahead", stated Gary Lohman, President and CEO.




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