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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: November 26th 2002


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:: Kroosh Ultimate Screener: 2 m2 Pilot Unit at AARL Pilot Plant  

Alerted to this technology by our colleagues at Anglo Coal, AARL has now acquired a Kroosh Ultimate Screener. Developed from a thorough practical understanding of vibration patterns, this technology is aimed at inducing random vibration patterns over the full extent of a screen surface, thereby minimising blinding and maximising throughputs. Screen throughputs are generally increased at least four times over conventional vibratory screening, whether it be wet or dry. Opportunities for accurate, high-throughput screening abound in minerals processing. For AARL, the vision is to increase comminution circuit performance by increasing size separation efficiencies - something that could be of particular advantage in dry milling circuits.

Apart from throughputs, the advantages claimed for this technology include high screen efficiencies, no greater wear per tonne treated on the screen than conventional, less vibration than incurred by normal vibratory screening, minimal screen blinding, and an ability to screen industrially at sizes formerly considered too fine for practical consideration. The unit installed at AARL is a 2 m2 rectangular unit, and can be used to replace size separation, either wholly or partly, in our pilot-plant. As far as we know, AARL now has the only pilot facility that can test full-stream screening in an integrated, fully continuous setup, as part of milling and downstream operations of accepted size. The unit is ski mounted, and can be employed both in our wet and dry processing areas.




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