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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: July 11th 2003

:: Multotec Extends Screen Life  

Multotec Manufacturing Ltd believes that its new vibrating-screen mounting system can triple screen life. The company's Saddle Top system consists of a polyurethane saddle which is fastened to a vertical flat-bar runner. The company says that the system differs from conventional angled runners on vibrating-screen frames as, when fastening holes become worn, it is necessary to replace only the Saddle Top itself and not the complete runner system. Multotec says that the innovative design of the Saddle Top ensures that the internal frame of the screen panel is also supported, which substantially improves panel stability and life.

In high-impact or heavy-duty applications, Multotec has developed a T-bar runner system. The system consists of a laser-cut flat-bar runner with a weld-on profile 'T' shaped section. The section can be manufactured from mild steel for standard applications 3CR12 steel for corrosive environments or VRN5OO for abrasive applications. Multotec says that the two systems can be used in combination with the T-Bar runner system used at the feed end of a screen, where impact resistance is important, and Saddle Top where abrasion resistance is important.




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