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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: August 5th 2003

:: Saddle Top Rail System The Answer  

An innovative development from Multotec Manufacturing has seen the introduction of the “Saddle Top” rail system which offers a significantly increased lifespan to vibrating screens. Current testwork underway in an iron ore application has indicated that it could increase the life of the rails threefold.

The Saddle Top is a polyurethane saddle that fastens to a vertical laser cut flat-bar runner. This rail system replaces the conventional angled runners on a vibrating screen frame and its major advantage is that when the fastening holes become worn it is only necessary to replace the saddle top itself and not the complete runner system. This can be accomplished with semi-skilled labour.

The Multotec Saddle Top can be used on all modular polyurethane screen panel systems and can be retrofitted to existing screen frames with ease. It is suitable for use on conventional Multodeck, Hi-Flow, Clip-in Poly-wedge and Poly-Punch modular panels without compromising the open area.

Manufactured from polyurethane, the Saddle Top has improved impact and abrasion resistance especially when compared to conventional angled runners. The excellent wear characteristics result in the improved life as well as reduced maintenance and downtime.

The innovative engineering design of the Saddle Top is such that it supports the internal frame of the screen panel substantially improving panel stability and life. The Saddle Top system can be used on both polyurethane and rubber modular screen panels and is available in the same lengths as standard panels.

The Saddle Top is secured in place using specially developed nylon pins that ensure excellent fastening forces but are still easy to remove when the Saddle Tops need replacing.

Anthony Yell, product manager screening at Multotec Manufacturing, says that the Saddle Top is not recommended for use in all high impact or heavy duty applications even though in these applications the life of the steel runner is substantially better than conventional angled runners.

To address that area, Multotec Manufacturing has developed the T-Bar runner system which has a laser cut flat-bar runner with a weld-on profiled “T” section. The “T” section can be manufactured from mild steel for standard applications, 3CR12 for corrosive environments and VRN 500 for abrasive applications.

Yell says that combinations of Saddle Top and T-Bar runner system can be used with the latter being installed at the feed end of the screen where impact resistance is important, and the Saddle Top where abrasion resistance is the priority.

Testwork carried out has predicted that on a standard application over a five year period the laser cut flat bar rail will need to be replaced once and the Saddle Top approximately two and a half times. In comparison with this, conventional angled runners would need to be replaced approximately six times.

Yell says that the correct combination will substantially reduce maintenance downtime on a vibrating screen, improve availability and reduce costs.




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