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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: September 12th 2002

:: Air Spring Airmount Isolators for Fine Screening  

A problem sometimes encountered with conventional industrial screening equipment is its inability to provide the many speed variations required for handling a diversity of very fine materials.

Simple metal springs may be too rigid for a multitude of tasks, while sophisticated hydraulics may be too complicated for the standards of flexibility and versatility required for very fine material like kaolin powders, salts, fertilisers, chemicals and glass.

One option in such cases is Air Spring Airmount isolators, which are in essence immensely strong rubber and fabric-reinforced balloons, or bellows. Because Airmounts use air as the isolation media rather than a solid material, they provide less of a pathway for transmitting high frequency vibration. In addition to reducing structurally transmitted vibration and noise transmission, they enhance fine control. Because they do not exhibit the chatter that conventional coil springs do, they are better suited for handling changing loads or overload conditions than coil springs. Any given Airmount (and they range in load carrying capacity from 40-40,000 kg) can easily handle a substantial change in load by simply adjusting the air pressure, whereas coil springs are designed for a very narrow operating range. Also, because of their nearly constant natural frequency, Airmounts react in a much less violent manner than coil springs during start-up and shut-down conditions, as the input frequency changes.




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