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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: April 5th 2002

:: 'Ultimate' in Screening Technology  

Mintek, in conjunction with Kroosh Africa, is evaluating a new screening technology for possible applications in the minerals industry.

The Kroosher® technology was developed by Vibtec Engineering in Israel to maximise the performance of conventional vibratory screening. It can be applied either by means of a mechanical converter that is easily fitted to most existing screening equipment, or as a stand-alone unit. The single-frequency vibration of a screener's existing motor is converted into a multi-frequency vibration that remains stable in the most effective resonance mode, resulting in higher throughput and more efficient energy usage.

The Kroosher technology is unique in that it uses the effect of the 'strange attractor', a strong non-linear oscillatory system, to superimpose high-frequency components on the main vibration mode of the screen. Although the accelerations on the body of the screener remain unchanged, accelerations up to 1000 G and over are created on the surface of the mesh. The resulting motion results in a significant increase in throughput rate and an improved product quality compared with conventional vibrating screeners, with lower energy consumption. It also allows finer screening, and the self-cleaning action combats mesh blinding and particle agglomeration on the screen.

Initial tests at Mintek on dry screening of ore fines have shown that the screen throughput at maximum classification efficiency (expressed as the ratio of undersize to feed) increases more than 400 per cent with the addition of a Kroosher adapter. If the efficiency curves are normalised (to a Kroosher efficiency of 100 per cent at zero feed rate), the difference is even more dramatic, with an improvement of over 800 per cent. Work is continuing to investigate the application of the Kroosher to dry and wet screening, as well as testwork with the stand-alone device, the 'Ultimate Screener'.

The major benefits of the Kroosher system are the downward extension of the lower size limits for screening, and the very high screening efficiencies obtainable for particle sizes less than 100 Ám. These make it a possible alternative to hydrocyclones, particularly for products with a strict limit to the maximum size (ie. 100 per cent passing a certain size), or where a dry product is needed. In addition, there appear to be many opportunities for developing new processing options, for example to exploit hardness differences between various minerals. As Kroosh Technologies Ltd. claims, there are other machines available, based on the same Kroosher technology, that can replace filters and/or centrifuges in many dewatering processes, as well as laboratory screeners with very high capabilities and other devices.




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