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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: April 8th 2004


:: New Generation of Modular Screen Panels

The latest Trellex modules incorporate an improved-design reinforcement insert that allows site production to be stepped up without the need to upgrade panels. Offering greater strength, the insert is now standard across all modules. To further extend the life of the softer rubber and the polyurethane modules, Metso Minerals has increased the wear material thickness above the reinforcement insert. This is an area where high wear rates often occur.

Servicing and repair operations are also improved. With the new design, there is no need for a longitudinal overlap between panels above a 3mm square opening. As a result, damaged or worn modules can be replaced without removing the adjacent modules. New accessories include a highly durable sideliner with ceramic cylinders moulded into the rubber, and stainless steel snap-on rails for handling highly abrasive fines or slurries.

The Trellex system fits all types of screening machine. Decks are made up of interchangeable modules, each measuring 300mm x 600mm. These combine to produce a rigid surface, upon which material is evenly spread across the entire width. The result is better performance, increased screening accuracy and more even wear and tear than a conventional cross-tensioned screen deck with crowned or raised edges. When a section does wear out, only the module or modules in that section needs to be replaced, rather than the whole screen.

Another benefit of the interchangeable Trellex modules is that the screen is more rigid, so material is spread more evenly over the entire width of the screen deck. This leads to better performance, increased screening accuracy, and a more even wear and tear than a cross-tensioned screen deck with crowned or raised edges.

Modules are available in a various thicknesses and materials to suit different applications. Rubber, measuring 15-45mm thick, provides excellent shock absorbing and wear resistant properties to suit dry screening of fed material below 200mm and separations from 15-70mm. Softer grade rubber is available in thinner sections (2.5-20mm) to provide greater resistance to hole clogging from fine and sticky material with a high moisture content.

For separations, dewatering, desliming and other wet processes, Metso offers modules made from 6-30mm thick, wear resistant polyurethane. By mixing rubber and polyurethane modules on the same deck, users it is possible to tailor the performance to suit most applications.



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