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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: April 27th 2004


:: Polypunch Solution for Screening

Developed for screens where high impact and high sliding abrasion is present, the Polypunch panel manufactured by Multotec Manufacturing is ideal for use on multislope screens.

Anthony Yell, product manager screening at Multotec Manufacturing, says with multislope screens becoming more popular it became necessary to provide the optimum solution.

The Multotec Polypunch panel consists of a laser cut perforated-plate screening surface made from a range of high wear resistant steels for abrasive applications including VRN 500 and Bennox to 304 stainless steel and 3CR12 for corrosive environments with cast polyurethane borders. The rigid and strong nature of the steel makes it possible to increase the amount of open area consequently increasing capacity.

In addition to the increased open area of the Polypunch panel, the low friction of the steel plate allows material to flow more easily down the screen increasing efficiencies and reduced wear. The deck of the screen surface is flat facilitating an even distribution of material across the full width of the screen thereby eliminating the concentration of material down the valleys, again increasing throughput.

The modular design of the Polypunch panels facilitates ease of installation, and apart from preventing the whipping and cracking associated with conventional large punched plates, the significantly smaller size of the individual panels makes them safe and easy to handle. It also means that, in the case of localised wear, only the worn section needs to be replaced reducing running costs. Polypunch panels come in standard 305 x 305 mm, 305 x 610 mm or 305 x 750 mm to suit the specific screen requirements.


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