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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: October 13th 2004


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:: Smart Screen Systems, Inc., Receives R&D 100 Award for its Energy-Saving High Frequency Screening Machine

Smart Screen Systems, Inc. announces that its energy-saving high-frequency screening system currently in use in taconite concentrators on Minnesota’s Iron Range was named to R&D magazine’s R&D 100 list.

An independent panel of judges and R&D magazine editors picked the Smart Screen Systems Model S3i-102 high-frequency fine-screening system as one of the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.

"We believe the patented vibration technology used in Smart Screens has the potential to significantly improve the way a number of industries separate materials," said Daryoush Allaei, CEO of S3i. "We’re honored that the R&D community also believes the technology is significant."

SmartScreensTM employs proprietary energy flow control (EFCTM) technology. EFCTM intelligently controls energy flow in a vibrating system and uses an environmentally reactive approach to actively steer energy within the S3i-102.

In a conventional vibrating screen, powerful electric motors rotate a shaft. The eccentric motion of the shaft causes the screen panel, chassis and support structure to shake. These units shake thousands of pounds of steel, which consumes substantial amounts of energy, requires frequent maintenance and generates excess noise in the workplace.

Unlike conventional equipment, the S3i-102 uses energy-saving "smart" electromagnetic motors and especially-designed resonators to amplify motion and cause only the screen panel assembly (not the entire machine) to vibrate at resonance. In theory, force inputs approach zero as a machine reaches resonance. The S3i-102 is designed so that the screen panel assembly operates at resonance, so much less energy and a smaller physical structure is required to achieve a given process objective. A controller and accelerometer keep the screen panel assembly at resonance (desired frequency and stroke) even if the amount of material on the screen varies.

The S3i project team completed the design, development, testing, and production of this innovative screening system in the spring of 2003. It is now in use in three northern Minnesota taconite plants: U.S. Steel’s Minntac plant in Mountain Iron, Minn., and Keewatin Taconite plant in Keewatin, Minn., and at Ispat-Inland Steel’s plant in Virginia, Minn. It is scheduled for commissioning at an iron ore concentrator in Russia, in September of this year.




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