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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: October 4th 2005


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:: Polywedge Screen Panels Assist in Magnetite Recovery

Multotec Polywedge screen panels are playing an important role in the efficient recovery of magnetite on dense medium circuits ensuring the media does not go to the dilute circuit where it can be lost through downstream processes.

It is significant that, even although the life cycle of Polywedge screens panels is shorter than that of conventional polyurethane panels, entire coal processing plants have been converted to the use of this innovative combination screen panel.

According to Roy Roche, sales director of Multotec Manufacturing, this is because the savings in magnetite recovery far outweigh the extra cost of the Polywedge panels.

"With magnetite being one of the largest consumable items on coal processing plants, it stands to reason that the efficient and quick recovery of this media is a primary concern," Roche says.

The innovative locally manufactured Polywedge screen panel comprises a stainless wedgewire screening surface with a solid polyurethane border giving it its modular replaceability. This configuration offers the excellent wear characteristics of polyurethane coupled with the high open area of wedgewire.

Wedgwire, through its manufacturing process, has a high rigidity allowing a more accurate cut point. This, combined with the high open area and high release angle, results in a greater drainage capacity and assists in recovery of the media to the correct circuits.

Available in a standard 305 x 305 x 30 mm size, the Polywedge screen panelís polyurethane frame is injection moulded and the wedgewire insert simply clipped into place. Wedgewire is available in a profile to suit light, medium or heavy duty applications. The proven Multotec Pin and Sleeve fastening system is used to secure the panels in place.

Polywedge screen panels are suited to harsh abrasive applications including dewatering and desliming in the coal processing industry.




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