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MEI Online: Sizing & Classification: Latest News: October 29th 2009


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:: High Capacity Low Cut Point All In One

The largest ever high capacity cyclone cluster manufactured by Multotec has been installed in northern China.

“The mine needed to dewater ultra fine material, with an extremely valuable solids content, and therefore required a very low cut point," Jaco Pretorius, general manager cyclones Multotec Process Equipment, says.

“However, coupled to this was the need for high capacity. In general with cyclones, when a low cut point is required, the dimensional configuration of the cyclone is small. But since small cyclones have a low capacity, large numbers of these are required to meet the modern day capacity requirements of large plants."

In this particular instance, an innovative design was developed by Multotec using a total of 350 cyclones, manufactured from specialised polymers, on four modular clusters to ensure optimum longevity of the cyclone.

The application required a cut point as low as 17 micron to optimise downstream processing. “In an industry where ultra fine materials need to be recovered we are now in a position to achieve this," Pretorius says.

Metallurgical and technical specialists at Multotec worked closely with the foreign project houses, the environmental system developers and the mine in determining the most appropriate solution for this application. Developmental test work, in conjunction with Aachen University, verified the data from the simulation programme which Multotec operates.

Extensive in house research, development and engineering, and test work, coupled with external research and development with various research facilities was done into materials of construction, configuration design, capacities and actual mechanical configuration of the equipment. “The use of 3D modeling software made it possible to design a complicated cyclone cluster while the backup is extensive with on site operator training being given to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the cyclone cluster," Ian Stockton, drawing office manager Multotec Process Equipment, says.

The system is able to handle higher than normal PH conditions, making it suitable for a variety of fine separation applications across a spectrum of different industries including energy, minerals and industrial.

“We ensured ease of maintenance during the design phase so that sectors can be taken off line for maintenance purposes while the system is still running," Stockton says.

The cyclones are specifically engineered to suit applications where material build up occurs and by using innovative technology the result is a non-choke design which prevents material build up during shutdown of sectors.

“The system can be configured to operate either manually or fully automatically depending on the individual plant, its operating practice as well as the cost consideration," Ken Tuckey, general manager business development at Multotec, says. “The system can also be custom designed to suit multi stage environmentally required systems for FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) at power stations."

Keeping pace with technological development has been at the forefront of Multotec’s operating philosophy and what sets Multotec aside from others is its approach to business. “We not only look at the equipment needs of the customer, but rather consider the application at hand resulting in a fit for purpose solution," Tuckey concludes.




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