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MEI Online: Solid-Liquid Separation: Latest News: March 10, 2009


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:: Hoesch Fast Opening Filter Press Redesigned

Larox has created the platform for large scale pressure filtration in mining applications in response to the increased need for tailings and fine iron ore filtration. The latest development, Hoesch Fast Opening Filter Press, is one of the largest membrane filter presses on the market offering various improvements in customers' processes through increased volume, savings in energy and maintenance costs.

Customer satisfaction and customer benefits are the starting point for R&D at Larox. The most recent product development, Hoesch Fast Opening Filter Press, FFP 2512, is the result of a comprehensive redesign of the traditional Hoesch Filter Presses.

The consistent and continuous research and development work on FFP has paid off, as the new FFP is simple, robust and designed for the severe conditions of a mine-site environment. It is the most modern Horizontal Filter Press on the market today, offering improved quality, with lower cost and a short delivery time.

According to Mr. Bernd Böhnke, Larox Product Manager of Fast Opening Filter Press (FFP), the heart of the filter is the plate pack which includes several new features. The plates are fully made of PP carrying an exchangeable diaphragm and replaceable components that simplify maintenance and extend component lifetimes.

What is remarkable in the FFP, are the huge filtrate and drying air outlet ports which are designed to keep air velocities extraordinary low during blowing to avoid damage due to abrasion. The outlet ports are attached to the filter plates in a way that they can be exchanged as spare parts should critical process conditions cause wear tear.

All sealings of the FFP are designed as flexible lip seals, which do not require high surface pressure. The active sealing system therefore ensures that the plates are exposed to much lower forces than in any other filter press.

Modelled on the Larox tower press closing system the fast opening mechanism is designed to work without the need of hydraulic synchronisation systems, which often cause problems in other filter types. Synchronisation is ensured by the mechanical design of the skeleton itself which also allows very high opening and closing velocities and shortens the cycle times.

By incorporating the fast opening mechanisms derived from the Larox tower press with innovative flow and pressure design improvements, the Hoesch FFP has the shortest cycle times and is specially designed for low air velocities during dry blowing.

The consistent performance of this horizontal filter press will provide the required cake moisture needed for dry stacking of the tailings. The operation of the filter is steady, even and fully automatic.




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