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MEI Online: Solid-Liquid Separation: Latest News: August 9th 2004


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:: Larox SA Completes Ambitious Pressure Filter Refurbishment Project

Larox SA have announced the successful completion of an ambitious pressure filter refurbishment project for Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Zambia.

Originally built and commissioned for Eskay Creek Mine in Canada, the pressure filter operated successfully for many years under aggressive process conditions with high throughput requirements. Eventually the mine decommissioned the tailings dewatering plant, and the equipment was sold off to a Scrap dealer in Canada.

Based on positive prior experience with Larox at Nampundwe Mine in Zambia, KCM bought the scrapped unit and commissioned Larox SA to refurbish it for their Nchanga concentrator, to dewater Cu Concentrate.

The ambitious refurbishment project involved the rescue of the unit from a Canadian scrapyard in the backwoods of Canada, transportation to Larox workshops in Centurion, full reconditioning to demanding Larox standards, and installation at KCM's Nchanga concentrator in Zambia. The unit replaces some aging Delkor membrane presses, and will achieve lower filter cake moistures, and totally automate the dewatering process.

"The project can be likened to the challenge of putting a welldone rump steak back on the hoof, then getting it to eat grass, and produce milk," said Ian Mayhew, Larox SA Service Manager. The sturdy and robust construction of these units meant that mainly, only the high wear items, and bearings needed replacement. Some modernisation optimisers and improvements were also installed that will lower operational costs, and improve process results compared to the original model.




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